Cadet Open Comb: Super-aggressive

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  1. I just had my first shave with a Cadet open comb (Robusto) and let me tell you, this is one aggressive razor, really almost like a straight. I also have two Joris/Plisson OC and a Fatip OC, and the Cadet is by far the most aggressive. It gave me a BBS in two passes (WTG and XTG) and a few weepers on the ATG pass. I put a heavier barber pole handle on it as well, and used an Astra blade. I'll try different blades. My guess is that if you can get your technique down with the Cadet, everything else will be a walk in the park! Of course, YMMV. And remember, no pressure!
  2. Good to know for those looking for more bite from their blade
  3. Cadets three piece razors have jumped to the front of my razor rotation. I just had my first shave with a similar razor, an open-combed pewter- handled similar to Bullgoose's Robusto and it was phenomenal

    I used an Astra Stainless (blue box) to compare it to yesterday's shave, same blade in a Razo-Rock Little Bastone with a safety bar. The safety bar Razo-Rock is a very good razor, but the short-handled open comb approaches divinity. My other Cadet razor is a Cadet TP-26 OC, and it's a fine razor, but I have to say that I prefer the shorter 3" handle to the longer 4" handle as it's easier to move around the neck area.

    I haven't used the Joris/Plisson or Fatip, but in the OC universe could compare it to a Gillette NEW and a 2011 Muhle R41. Cadet OC's are significantly more aggressive than Gillette NEWS (which are milder than I would prefer) and significantly more aggressive than the 2011 Muhl R41, a razor that I could get a good shave with, but had to be careful with.

    I suspect that when you get the Robusto dialed in a bit more that the ATG passes will become weepers will dissapear.

    Congratulations on a great new razor.
  4. Aren't the Cadet Robusto (TP-01SS) and the Razo-Rock Little Bastone the same razor?

    My Cadet open comb supposedly shipped on the 17th so I should be getting it shortly. I'm looking forward to comparing it with my Fatip.
  5. I find the Fatip more aggressive than the Cadet OC....guess it is another example of results varying for each person.....I do like the Cadet as well and use it in rotation.
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    I have the Pearl variant and IMHO the Pearl is as aggressive as the Fatip Grande but by far smoother. I use Astra SP's and find the shave is great in both.
  7. As far as I can tell they are the same razor.

    I ordered my Cadet on the 16th and received it yesterday.
  8. I have a Cadet TP-01SS. I find it aggressive also but I think any razor, if you go slow and careful should not be a problem. I never got a nick or a weeper with it. But I do find with the Cadet the angle you hold the razor at is more critical than most other razors. At least that's the way I find it to be.

  9. Thanks for the feedback. Been wanting to try an open comb and this may be the one.

  10. i have the razo rock lil bastone and love it. But, having just received the Mergress the "razorock" is on the back shelf, still it's a nice shaver
  11. I find the Cadet more aggressive than my FaTip, and smoother, but not as aggressive as my 2011 R41. I can use the Cadet everyday, and get a fine shave every time. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go load it and use it the last week before my strait razor month. Thanks!
  12. I am an Open Comb lover and when i saw this post and this photo

    i am start looking for this DE safety razor
    If really it's something different i will go for this one

  13. I have one incoming (should arrive tomorrow) that I purchased on BST. I will try it with a Astra SP (really forgiving blade)... I have been using a Slim at 7, and curious as to how much more aggressive the Cadet will be at this setting.
  14. As you can see in the previous posts of this thread, there was a variety of opinions. Using both the Slim and a few short and long handled Cadet OC's, I think that you'll find it to be slightly more aggressive. For me the Cadet is a razor that's easy to find the appropriate angle.

    As with any new razor, go slow the first few times to dial in what works. I think that you'll be very happy with your Cadet.
  15. Test it and keep us informed.
  16. My Cadet Open Combs demand a steady, even hand. If so, I'm rewarded with a two pass BBS shave. A glycerin cream seems to help keep weepers down.
  17. I have the Lil Bastone(Cadet) , FaTip Piccolo and Joris and a slew of "News". The Cadet takes the most focus for me. The Piccolo became a better , smoother shaver when I replaced the stock handle and used a Weber.The Joris does it all, smooth, close, a darned fine shaver. Now of course, ymmv, but my face likes the Joris tons. Don't blink with the other two, at least while the blade is on your skin. Enjoy!
  18. Which Cadet you have Excalibur of Robusto ?

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