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  1. I am just starting to get into straight razor shaving. I have been looking at many straight razors and thing I know where i'm going to buy one. The next thing is a good inexpensive strop.

    I have looked at many strops and can not tell the difference. What is the difference with the more expensive strops and the cheaper ones. Also for just starting out, would it be better to get a box/paddle type strop.

    Any help would be great.

  2. There are many different chioces, but the one I would recommend is the "poor-man's strop" from Whipped Dog ( Here's why...

    You WILL nick your strop....It's not a matter of if, but when....I told myself that I was not gonna be 'that guy', but guess what....I nicked the crap out of my first strop!!...We all do it; it's more of a rite of passage than anything else....That's why I say to start with something inexpensive, like the poor-man's....Then, once you get a bit more proficient, you can maybe step it up to a Big Daddy English Bridle from Star Shaving...That was my second strop and it's a good strop for the money...

    You really want to stay away from $100 strops until you get really good at it (which you will)....Then, you can look at something like a Tony Miller or Kanayama...
  3. What JP said.
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    My advice is to get a basic strop from a trusted maker. The main difference between expensive and cheap strops are the materials used and the level of detail. Pricey strops are usually made from first quality leather without any kind of imperfections and are highly refined. To start you really don't need this, also because it's more than probable than you're going to nick and cut the leather while learning to strop. Last summer Tony Miller was offering a very interesting Plain Vanilla strop with Cotton and Dee rings for about $40. I suggest contacting him, all his strops are truly amazing.
  5. Yeah so I did the newspaper strop and wouldn't you know it. I nicked it. Shocking I know. I thought I had my mojo going because I was able to get bbs on my first shave that totaled 3 square inches:D
    Couldn't figure out how you nick a strop when you sharpen with the blade away from the leather. So nature said " let me show you". Got it. Time for a cheapo strop. Woot just got an email from whipped dog.
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  6. Just got my poor mans strop and first thing I'd tell you is NOT to use the "arrow & hole". as I was stropping my blade got caught ubder the "arrow" and nicked the leather. Not happy. Did it twice. At least it's at the top. Anyway I stropped for 30-40 and had to take a break as my thumb cramped up. Lol. Then did another ten. The hair is not popping off the blade. Any suggestions?

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