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  1. Hey all,
    I want to buy a new brush, and I'm considering buying used to save some cash, but I just can't help but feeling really weird about the proposition of rubbing a brush around my face that someone else, or multiple others, have already used. Is this ridiculous? Or am I moderately justified in this view.

    I know this is a weird question, but I'd appreciate a few kind words of wisdom.
  2. You should keep in mind, that both shaving soap, and shaving cream are basically "soap", so your brush is getting a though disinfecting every time it is used.

    I can understand your reluctance, but it's probably unfounded. :biggrin:
  3. It's ridiculous, but I personally wouldn't buy a used brush either. I'd either buy a nice boar (~$20) and break it in or buy a refurbished brush (~$40) from one of our members, then use that as I saved money for something else.
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    I have never had a problem buying a used brush but many others seem reluctant to do so. It can cleaned and sterilized and I have yet to hear of anyone being infected by some one else's brush. How many times do you think that new brush was handled in the factory before it ends up in a buyer's hands? You come into far more contact with germs every time you go into a public restroom, use a handrail in public building etc than the exposure you feel from buying a used brush. In the end its your choice and if you don't feel right about it then buy a new one
  5. do an advanced search. this was discussed at length. very insightful, but sorry, no time to search atm.
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    the germs in a brush, so long as the brush is dry, will die durting the time it takes the postman to get it from them to you.

    A little wash in diluted vingar, then shampoo, then sitting in the sun to dry will put you mind at ease.

    Youve a far greater chance of crashing your car on the way to work than of catching something from a shaving brush. Ive used used brushes many times before, too.
  7. I'm with MDunn and the rest of the "don't give it a second thought" crowd. Give it a wash out in some antibacterial soap, let it dry out well, and you're good to go. (Though, there are some really, really nice boar brushes out there for around $20 too. And don't forget the all badger Tweezerman for about $15)
  8. Yeah, I hear you on the used brush thing. I wouldn't want to use one either. From just about any of the sites you can get a really good badger hair brush in almost any grade at a good price. Check out all the sites, you'll be surprized at whats out there. Then you won't have to be using some funky used brush. You can find some nice silvertips for under $100.00, and some nice super badgers for well below that. You'll find whats out there and have some fun doing it. Good luck. :biggrin: :thumbup: :tongue:
  9. I can't buy or sell a used brush because I know from shaving that my brushes have passed over the blood on my face from nicks and cuts. Also in the BST its interesting how many brushes have been sold on from multiple members.I am not a germaphobe by any means but I would not buy used soap or brushes or creams. DPBT is right in that one does not have to be desperate as you can find a good deal on badgers. I picked up what LOOKS LIKE a badger in finest for $34 from e-vendor Royal Shave this weekend. It received a small but positive review here and on the website ,so I'll see.They also have a cheaper badger . I have yet to use my brush so I can't give a full endorsement but they invite your phone call so call'em. A very good deal on Shavemac in finest are offered by West Coast Shaving , they have the absolutely cheapest priced SM's . I have two of the finest from Shavemac directly and they are excellent brushes.
  10. I was thinking the same thing this morning as I nicked myself. Since I take a aspirin a day, and my blood is thin, and I noticed a good couple drfops of blood on my brush. I am not really a germ freak either, but, blood is blood.
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    I think you are all right. You shouldn't buy any used brushes. Please don't go into the BST to look for them.

    Note to B&B members with used brushes for sale: Seems like there will be a shortage of buyers for your brushes, I'll be contacting you soon for reduced prices when you sell them to me. :lol:

    Seriously, it's a personal choice thing. If your uncomfortable, that's fine. No one has a right to tell you to buy or not to buy.

    My personal opinion is that I have a pretty good comfort level if the items are from fellow B&B members who I know are taking care of their stuff, as opposed to some unknown entity on e-bay or such.

    Just for reference, how many people have you heard of that got ill from sipping from the same Communion Cup?
  12. I've pondered this a bit myself. I'm anti-used brush. So far, I've yet to use any of my "vintage" brushes. it really any different than using a fork at a restaurant?

    I honestly don't know. Like I said, I'm anti-used brush. I'm also the guy that has to wash his brand new clothes before wearing them. However, I don't consider myself a "germ-a-phobe". I'm just dedicated to my personal comfort.

    As I'm weighing this over in my mind, I'm thinking that the aversion to used brushes is unfounded. It's a mental thing, and we're more likely to catch some weird disease from everything else we do in our normal lives.

    Maybe I'll finally wash one of my used brushes and give it a try.
  13. But alcohol kills germs
  14. It's been scientifically proven that alcohol DOES NOT kill cooties.
  15. true, probably helps to spread cooties. How come I didn't learn that in Kindergarden???
  16. I've come around to the "used is OK" POV. That said, depending on what brushes you've been considering, you might look at the QED Select line of brushes, which offer fantastic value at a low price (max = $60ish for a 24mm silvertip, and lower for smaller knots or best hair). I trusted Charles' reputation (QED's owner), and the reviews are great; but, I just picked one of these up (used, as it turns out), and wow. Just wow. It's just a terrific brush.
  17. I'm a biologist and we use 70% (by volume) ethanol to disinfect work areas after autopsies and work with bacteria/virus. If you look at the bacteria in a microscope and add ethanol they do die:biggrin:

    Weaker ethanol solutions do not work well, so wine, beer etc. have no effect on the buggers:wink:

    I wouldn't have a problem with a used brush, but would clean it well before use.

  18. Intellectually I know it's OK, but I can't get over the ick factor. A good comparison would be that I have no problem buying 'vintage' jeans from a consignment shop, but could never get undergarments or workout gear there even though they've obviously been cleaned to the same standard.
  19. Bacteria is one thing there are other things that need to be addressed. Use Barbicide when cleaning brushes along with soaps and the like on anything that you buy and have used for a while. I use Barbicide on my razor just before honing every once in a while along with a good cleaning.

    Take Care,
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    I not the squeamish type, but it seems to me that in this age of nasty blood borne pathogens that prudence would be the proper course of action. Not just brushes but with razors as well.

    I know there are some pretty smart doctor types who post here. Any recommendations or precautions to be taken when it comes to cleaning up a used brush/razor for use? I'll bet not all of us have access to an autoclave.

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