Button-up vs Button-down...

Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by Darth Indiana, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. what's the difference? Google Images seems to show the same kind of shirt. are they synonyms?
  2. so many people use the term "button-down" incorrectly that the two terms have essentially become synonymous.

    a "button-up" shirt is any sport shirt or dress shirt that has buttons in the front.

    a "button-down" shirt is a shirt that has a button-down collar like this
  3. button down is also used a lot to mean tightened up or cleaned up
  4. Bingo. Button Up means close to nothing. I have a few button down shirts, but I prefer point collars, for no particular reason

  5. Correct - button-up is in contrast to a pullover type shirt, while button-down refers to the collar style.
  6. I am guilty of saying button down when I mean button up. As a kid anything with buttons in the front was a button down shirt. I didnt know about buttons on collars until I got older. I try to use the correct term, but 15 years of calling it a certain thing is tough to break :wink2:

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