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  1. I recently made a bench strop and ordered some of these bumper feet for the bottom. http://www.amazon.com/Sorbothane-He...SIBA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1336765040&sr=8-1

    They are a little pricey, but I wanted something nice. When they arrived, my initial reaction is that they are "squishy" and not solid... I immediately thought they would be no good for the strop. I applied them anyway, and to my surprise I found that they provide a very slight give when stropping, that actually makes the bench strop seem a bit less "hard" and slightly more like stropping on a hanging strop. The effect is subtle, but I really like it.

    Anyway, this may not interest anyone, but I thought I would share.
  2. go to a hardware store it will be cheaper, these are nice , but dang 19.00 and you only need 4-- if you dont need the rest sell them, i am sure you will get the money back
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  3. Yeah, I actually bought a pack at home depot first. I put them on and didn't like them. They were supposed to be grippy, but just slid around, so I pulled them off. I'm sure there are a lot of good cheap ones, and that is probably the best way to go... just wanted to point these out as an alternative.
  4. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    I put a similar foot on my bench strops.

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  5. Those look good, Jim. I used about half the thickness on mine... but looking at yours I kind of wish I had used a thicker block. I'm still pretty happy with it though.
  6. nice, so what exactly are we looking at? 4 strops made of what wood stained with what and 2 leather 2 felt? horse diamond & felt diamond?
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  7. Jim

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    John the wood is called Ipe and it is not stained or sealed. The 2 felts have poly diamond and Cromox ant the horsehide is Poly diamond the cowhide is untreated.:001_smile
  8. cool, thanks, i saw Ipe in my search for decking material.

    nice knife as well...
  9. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Thanks, that's an Ino.. I have a truly unnatural attachment to it. :tongue_sm
  10. what glue did you use on the leather
  11. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Bro, I used 3M spray adhesive super 77.
  12. Oh OK thanks
  13. Thought I would post a picture of the one I made, just for fun.

    The block is Brazilian cherry wood. The leather is magnetic. There's a thin piece of sheet metal on top of the block.

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  14. nice, DB, although i kind of dig the height of the height of Jim's blocks
  15. Yeah, I like them too.
  16. Ipe is good, heavy stuff. One of the few woods that will actually sink in water. I made a very nice bamboo backed selfbow with it once that shot well till a flaw in the ipe caused it to stress fracture. Sorbothane comes in many different levels of softness. It's been used (and despised) as an audio tweak for years.

    I've got some paduak and purpleheart to make a couple of paddle or bench strops with. Just got my leather in today as well.

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