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Discussion in 'BullGoose Shaving' started by BullGoose, Sep 18, 2013.

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    I appreciate all of the support that I have received from Badger & Blade and would like to offer members 10% off their purchase. Simply use the coupon code BB2013 at checkout and please state your B&B user name in the comments section. Please note, we cannot issue credits once your order is placed so please remember to type BB2013 in the box for coupon codes.

    This offer excludes clearance items.

    Best Regards,

  2. Thanks Phil for the 10% discount and also for returning my call.

    Waiting on the Vie-Long, and the new Huntlee razor when it makes it's debut.....
  3. Nice! Thanks, Phil.
  4. Hey Phil - Thank you for the discount code and sponsoring the forum!
  5. awesome thank you for the discount phil it helps us out and we can support you!!
  6. Phil, that is very generous of you to offer us a discount. I placed my first order with you a few days ago and you will definitely be getting more of my business in the future. Thanks!!

  7. Just wanted to say thanks. I placed my first order with Phil on Friday, and already received it yesterday. Half way across the country in 1 business day. Incredible!
  8. Awesome discount, Just ordered some stuff.

  9. BullGoose

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  10. Great deal - Thanks!
  11. is your discount code no longer good? in checking tonight it says The coupon code you entered has been disabled so it can't be used. tried with various type of items to see if maybe ti was only working with select items but no luck. lmk thanks
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    I had to disable the discount code. Many products that I sell have a minimum allowable price per the manufacturer and/or distributor and the code dropped these prices below the minimum.
  13. okay. i didnt know if i missed a thread on it or not. wish you didnt have to because it was a great help to many here. i have a limited budget and was planning on a order i know its not much $$ difference but ill have to wait a bit longer now per the wife.
  14. Yes, it's a shame. Free enterprise takes another one IMHO.
  15. Well, not totally. He is free to disregard the manufacturer prohibition so long as the product isn't consigned. But then he's going to get his distribution source pulled from him.

    I understand the manufacturer wants to keep the final price in a tier that protects their market image. And esoteric shaving products is hardly the only thing like this. Exactly the same thing happens in a lot of electronics too.

    Retailers like Walmart are able to negotiate with them, because Walmart is a big dog. But Walmart isn't normally where you find items with price floors. Sam's Club does have them sometimes though.

    What I find amusing is that if the product has to have an imposed price floor to keep its image why am I buying in to that image. (Long live Arko!)
  16. Very well put sir!
  17. Sometimes I wish I was in an industry that encouraged good margins. It's hard to do all the legwork to hunt a deal and then have to deal with 6% margins when the manufacturer also sells direct.

    Even without the code, there are still good prices to be had at Bull Goose. :)
  18. So true. That is why I've never handled any products that were available via the manufacturer too. In my retail experience it just doesn't make good business sense.

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