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Discussion in 'BullGoose Shaving' started by BullGoose, Oct 10, 2011.

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    I just added a few more Simpson Brushes to my stable including:

    Simpson Classic 1 in Best Badger :This brush is small enough to serve as a travel brush but is substantial enough for everyday use.

    Simpson Persian Jar 2 in Best Badger :This brush is very elegant and densely packed.

    I also have my two banded brushes back in stock including the Chubby 1, Polo 8, Tulip 2 and Tulip 3.

    And oh yes...the Berkeley 46 is back in stock.
  2. Any idea when the Feather AS will be back in stock?
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    I have a standing order for them and hope to have them back in stock within the next two weeks. That said, I do not have a firm ETA.
  4. Thanks for the update. Hopefully they get production going again soon.
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    I have decided to put a few DE blades on sale this week. Rapira Swedish Steel blades will sell for $10.00 per 100 and Wilkinson Classic blades will sell for $26.00 per 100. The weekly special will run until Saturday, October 22nd.
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    I received a shipment from Omega this afternoon and all Omega brushes are now back in stock. :w00t:
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    Here comes the invasion of Portuguese shave products! I have a shipment of Veleiro (shave cream, aftershave Splash and ASB) and Top Secret shave cream on the way. :w00t: ETA is early next week.
  9. WOW! There seems to be a lot of Portuguese invasions going around... :wink2:

    Veleiro is most spectacular smelling Portuguese cream, highly recommended!

    An excellent offer in a store already packed with top notch products! Well done, now let's see if we can get you an Honorary Portuguese Citizenship! :001_smile
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    I received a large shipment today that mas mainly restocking items that I was low on but I also added the Taylor Jermyn Street Shaving Soap (Both Bowls and Refills)

    I do have several new products on the way and they should be trickling in over the next two weeks.
  11. Thanks for the updates Phil.
  12. What kind of scent are the La Toja products?
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    I am really bad at describing scents...it is all so subjective. That said, the LaToja shave soap and shave cream has a mild scent and the aftershave a bit stronger. While the shave soap and the aftershave do not really smell alike, I would describe them both as having a barber shop scent. I know this probably does not help much.
  14. Awesome you added the Illinois strops, I have been looking for a couple to make a "sharpening strop" using the Illinois Russian leather.

    I'll order a couple on Thursday :001_smile
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    After hearing so many good things about Florena shaving cream, I finally tracked it down and have added it to my store. This cream has excellent skin conditioning properties and has a light floral (chamomile) scent. If you are looking for a new cream to try, this may be just the ticket.

    Florena Comfort Rasier Creme

  17. Gentlemen, are you listening?

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