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  1. I noticed that Brut is on the comeback in the shops lately and, wait for it, Blue Stratos.
    The Brut has a sexy new bottle too! I sampled it and I hate to admit, it that it has an early 80s Playboy scent to it and I secretly like that kind of thing. Imagine driving a Renault Fuego Coupe around Paris and picking up hot chics. It's a gigolo thing! Lovely stuff!

    Blue Stratos, I sampled that too and it does not stand out like Brut as it is more sterile and generic. Remember the old advert with the hang glider in the 70s? I was a big Mandate man when I was 18 and I would nearly buy that for a blast of nostalgia! I haven't smelt this yet but I can't wait! I remember getting a Christmas gift of Mandate cologne and shower gel once upon a time! Then I got more sophisticated with my Rapport, YSL Jazz and Tuscany by Aramis! Aah, everybody's talking 'bout the good old days!

    $Photo on 2011-08-03 at 01.12.jpg $Photo on 2011-08-03 at 01.12.jpg
  2. Halston is a great one for the price along with Canoe and Old English Leather.
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    Had one in 1990. A white 2.0 GTX an Australian import to the UK. Had loads of spec for the time including remote central locking auto AC. And yes I wore brut back then too.
  4. I knew it! The Fuego is the pimp-mobile for the Brut man! Classic!
  5. I hate Halston. Tried it once or twice and I couldn't give the bottle away. Canoe and OE are good. Curve and Fahrenheit are better.
  6. I have always loved stetson.
  7. Also, I second the english leather.
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    Grey Flannel
  9. +1

    I was expecting no longevity, and a average smell, but it's actually really nice with at least 4 hours of longevity.

    Adding to the list: Cool Water, Aspen (two 1.7oz bottles for $14.99 as a gift set), and Quorum (big 3.4 oz bottle for around $20).

    I am also a big fan of Mcgraw, and Mcgraw Southern Blend as well.

    Avon is putting out some good scents these days, and they have sales quite often that makes them dirt cheap (Wild Country, Mesmerize, Black Suede, Black Suede Leather to name a few).
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  10. Absolutely!!
  11. I think that Tuscany is the best of what you posted. I think it smells like a blend of Azzaro and Rive Gauche. However, I like Rive Gauche better so I never bought a bottle of Tuscany.

    You should try "Montana Red". Mr. Styptix recommended it to me and I love. Then erickson bought a bottle and he likes it too. A 4.2oz. bottle is about $15-$17.
  12. Bought a set of Canoe AS and cologne when walking through Target in December. Horrible stuff. Sweet in a bad way. But for $10 I don't feel bad at all. It's in the box of stuff to PIF.

  13. I used to love Tuscany. It's 15 years since I had it. I must try it out again! Women loved this when I wore it or was it my charming personality?
  14. The only budget smells I have used in the past are Puig Quorum, 4711 and Norwegian Wood. Quorum can be quite heavy, Norwegian Wood was OK. 4711 is quite light
  15. Tuscany (along with the rest of the Aramis range) is pretty expensive these days. I can't find it anywhere for less than $50-60!

    It's a shame, too, as Tuscany, Havana, 900 and JHL are all pretty damn good frags.
  16. Anyone ever wear Hai Katate? Come on, be honest!
    $Hai Karate.jpg
  17. Took my Dad's bottle when I was 15, loved the stuff, second only to British Sterling which is still in my weekend rotation.
  18. I used to love the ad when I was a kid.

    I think it was called Hai Jakarta in Australia.
  19. DMT


    The British retailer Marks and Spenser do a lot of nice good quality home brand fragrances ranging from classics to more modern styles
    My personal favourites are Woodspice, Harvard, Homme and and the unfortunately discontinued Urban.

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