BTAD Anyone else suffer from this?

Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by MacTiger, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. BTAD = Bow tie acquistion disorder

    It started last year about September with my first free style bow tie and as of now I have about 24 ties.
    Started wearing them almost every day since then and now and I guess they are popular in the South, but a new trend here on the West Coast.
    Anyone else suffer from this :yikes:
  2. I just read your post and chuckled because I was in several department stores over the weekend and I noticed a lot of bowties for sale. I commented on it to one of the sales people and he and I agreed that we rarely and I mean RARELY see anyone wearing them. I live in the South/Mid-Atlantic and IMO I don't think they have caught on here.
    Maybe you're on to something and if you enjoy them keep feeding the AD! :drool:
  3. I just ordered two today, which brings my total to 5 in the past three weeks and about 12 in the past 4 months...
  4. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    I think I have 15 Bow Ties. I absolutely love them. Right now Im either buying Brooks Brothers or Beau Tie Ltd.

    We need to get some pictures up :)
  5. How do you like the BTL ties, Isaac? I just placed an order yesterday for two from them. I'm wearing a Cordial Churchman BT today, and have gotten several compliments!
  6. I just got number 26 in todayfrom BTL. It's called the Sovereign , burgundy wine color with light blue rampant lions. Check it on Bills Private Stock.
  7. Got my first BTL order in today. Unfortunately, they sent the wrong tie from one of the two I ordered. A quick call, and they said they are sending a new tie out (along with a prepaid mailer to return the missent tie), but no accomodation for the fact that I'm no missing the tie I wanted to wear to court tomorrow... +1 for prompt customer service, but it's net zeroed out by the inattention to detail...

    That said, the Kerry should sport nicely for court on Friday!
  8. This thread doesn't have nearly enough pictures.
  9. Here is the aforementioned Kerry pattern, which I will be sporting for the end of week festivities![​IMG]
  10. That's a nice tie. Tastefully celebratory.
  11. I have TAD (tie acquisition disorder). I have close to 100 ties. We need pics though!
  12. These are the ties I've aquired since the fall when I bought my first one. All of them are from The Tie Bar except the one on the far right. It was my first bow tie and from Macy's.

    [​IMG] Ti
  13. i'm definitely joining this club. i want bowties like REAL bad
  14. I wore one the other day for the first time in years.

    When I bought it at Brooks Brothers, the salesman (who was wearing a bow tie), said they are "coming back." I'll believe it when I see it, but I don't really care either way.
  15. I hope they never come back in style. I want to keep all the old ladys swooning over me all to myself.
  16. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    Its funny you should mention that. I work with a younger doctor <50 yrs of age who is known for wearing bow ties. I actually started to wear them because of him. We talk a great deal about places to buy them, differences in quality, and trends. I had commented that it would be nice if more people wore them, as I tend to get the odd look when I go out. He commented that he actually likes the fact that no one else wears them in that it makes him unique. I can tell you this though, when someone says there was a doctor yelling at me with a bow tie, you know exactly who that was.
  17. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    I suppose i'd love to see a couple pics of the bowtie around the neck. I love the idea of them in theory, but in practice they always seem a touch goofy.

    Bill, that's a great purple color! what Ink is that?
  18. Those Madras ties are bomb!
  19. Christmas Eve

  20. Here are a couple of recent wearings:



    As for the ink, it is the newest iroshizuku purple... murasaki shikibu

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