Brylcreem. Classic, yes?

Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by rikrdo, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. :cool: Hello evrybuddy...

    I did my prerequisite search b4 posting but did NOT find much info at all.

    Does anyone use the original Brylcreem today?
    And, if so, what are the pros and cons?

    Thanks in advance!!:a14:
  2. guenron

    guenron Moderator Emeritus

    Other than "A little dab 'll do ya'" it was from a past civilization.. I was not sure it was even manufactured any longer until I found this with reviews too..
  3. Thanks for the link, Ron.
    I shoulda known youd be there for me:wink:

    This is part of my never ending quest to be "old school".
    Today I am gonna buy me some Aqua Velva and some Brylcreem and tonight Im gonna bring it, Baby!!

    BTW...The brylcreem interest is because I am SICK AND TIRED of trying different crap that doesnt satisfy my anal tendencies re: my hair.
    Sorry for the rant.
  4. I use it when my hair is longer than about an inch or so. I use it to stop my hair looking fluffy after washing. A small dab in the palm of my hand is applied thinly dacross my hair, while it's still damp, and makes it settle down nicely.

    The scent is pretty nice too...
  5. Thanks John...

    Now get Tony Blair to stick around a little longer !
  6. Hmmmm... I have views on Tony Blair.
  7. I know better.....
    No politics or religion.:wink2:
  8. Brylcreem: nice clean scent, but a "lil dab" really goes a long way. Additionally, if you have fine hair, this will not work well as it is a "heavy" hair product.

    AquaVelva: a great aftershave, clean classic scent
  9. Tinzien

    Tinzien Moderator Emeritus

    If you want to "bring it" with your hair, go with American Crews Pomade. True, only the pomade is old school and not the company that makes it, but this stuff has been great to me.
  10. Thanks for the input, Gents !!

    T: Does the AC pomade leave a sheen/shine ? Cause thats what Im looking for. I currently am using Paul Mitchell foaming pomade, which is more of a leave - in condtioner, but I do have thick hair and need to cut my usage of "products" down. I want 1 product to do it all. Is that so much to ask ??
  11. the AC pomade will leave a shine, it is a dense product (as most pomades are) whereas the brylcreem is light as a cream but will also leave shine.
  12. Thanks TJ.
    I think Ill pick up some of both and give em a whirl.
  13. hello rikrdo,

    yes, brylcreem is definitely a classic. to me it smells like an old fashioned barbershop.

    as for pro and cons, "a little dab'll do ya" is truth in advertising. a large tube of it will last me about a year and a half. it definitely keeps my hair much cleaner and softer than using any of the other drugstore-type men's hair gels.

    one thing to note, i use it as a "conditioner" in that i apply it in the shower right after rinsing out the shampoo. if you do apply it after a shower, be sure your hair is wet and your hands are wet as it will help to spread it out evenly. it is a thick cream and just does not work if you try to apply it to dry or almost dry hair.

    by the way, if you do decide to pick up a tube, walmart has the larger size tubes for less than what the drugstores charge for the smaller tubes.

    hope this helps.


  14. Thanks Mikey,
    Im gonna pick some up...but Im still afraid of WalMart:eek:
  15. I swear by Brylcreem. It has a decent hold and does give the hair a nice sheen. I love the smell. It doesn't make your hair stiff or greasy which is a huge plus for me.

    It does indeed work better if applied to damp hair though. If my hair is dry I'll run a wet comb through it before applying the Brylcreem.

    I've never tried pomade, but admit to being curious.
  16. Dinder1

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    Brylcreem is great stuff, but I do like to rotate between this and a water based product. I find that if you use it every day, it can leave your hair a little greasy.
    Cheers, DJ.
  17. Tinzien

    Tinzien Moderator Emeritus

    I love the AC pomade because it feels lighter than the gel I used to put in my hair (L'Oreal Studioline Invisi-Gel... great stuff as well). There is a good solid shine that stands up to hours of hold and it is easy to apply. The stuff washes out in the shower with no extra elbow-grease.

    The added benefit is that it keeps your hair looking, hm, damp through the day especially when your hair is touched. I've had co-workers who have not seen me during the morning if I skipped home for a shower over lunch, etc. The feeling of the hair is also really nice and your hair can be combed during the day if you want a change without having to reapply.

    For fun though, let your girlfriend/SWMBO rampage your hair before bed with the pomade from the morning in your hair and then go to sleep. The bed-head you will have in the morning is epic!

    An additional bonus is it smells nice, unlike some other haircare products and will not interfere with any scents or shaving creme you care to adorn yourself with.

    At first I thought the price of $15 at CVS might be a rip off, but I see I am going to get a lot of use out of this container so I think in the end I got the better deal.

    As a word of advice for anyone rushing out to get this: When you get home and open it up the top will be covered in a whiteish goo that I thought at first was the pomade resting atop some form of platform from whence the goo came. Now, the goo *DOES* make for an awesome hold, but you want to dig your finger into the jello-like platform. That's the pomade. I usually take enough for a sliver (you'll see what I mean) about the length of my index finger tip to the first knuckle and go to town. This is probably more than needed but this is what I like, YMMV.

    Brylcreem ROCKS!!

    Had Sushi Friday at our neighbors house and went with the Brylcreem and Aqua Velva. What can I say.....AWESOME!
    No longer do I have to plan trips to satisfy my hair care needs. I dont have the spare time or patience to deal with the huddled masses on my weekend.
    Brylcreem is da bomb!! and my Lovie actually liked the smell of the Aqua Velva on me!!:ladysman:
    Cant wait to try a Proraso shave followed by the AV. Should be very refreshing.
  19. :thumbup:
  20. rikrdo,

    now tell us how you really feel about the product. don't hold back. no need to be bashful...<smile>



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