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  1. I am looking for a brush with a knot size of ~24 mm that has good backbone, not floppy when wet and lathering, and is soft at the tips. Not scratchy. Not looking for a facial exfoliation each time it is used. Best badger or silvertip preferred. Looking for recommendations from the brush gurus. Currently using Il Bambino savile row 3118. I use both creams and soaps and like them both equally depending on what moves me that day.
  2. Mike H

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    The Rooney Heritage "Stubby" Size 2, Shavemac 167 -2B/D01, Simpson Chubby 2 in Super.
    All superb, yet expensive brushes.

    I also highly recommend the TGN finest set in a Rudy Vey custom brush.

  3. banditman

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    I'd recommend the TGN Finest badger knot as it is my daily driver. These can be placed in a vintage restore or a custom handle. Or, you can buy a finished brush from Penworks at an attractive price.

  4. One mustn't have an inexpensive one, must one?

  5. Rooney 3/1 Super
  6. Mike H

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    :lol: I thought they were a right of passage. Used with pinky finger sticking high in the air!

    There are, of course, great brushes for less money - Vulfix 404 boar badger mix, Semogue 610, Simpson Berkley, etc.
  7. A Semogue Owners Club in 2-band badger might fit the bill. It has a 24mm knot with a 53mm loft, and plenty of backbone but with soft tips. The tips don't have the softness of slivertip, but they do get softer after a few uses and for me are very nice - for me it has a nice balance between softness and firmness.
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    If you face lather the Chubby 1 Super is an excellent choice.
  9. Wid


  10. Won't lay claim to guru status, but will suggest the Thater 4125. Incredibly soft tips, but plenty dense and bulb shaped, producing good backbone.
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