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  1. Like a lot of you, I lurv me some great pics of brushes, especially in bloom and also with mounds of dense, shiney lather cascading down them. Is there a thread out there anywhere that is dedicated to such eye candy?
  2. No idea, but I can help, I will post a pic of Black Beauty hear in a minute.
  3. Sweet. Looking forward to it!
  4. Well, nevermind. Camera's dead.
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    Post of the day!
  6. Here's my trio of GF Trumper Chubbys. These are Somerset era Simpson rebrands. After a month or so I decided to use two of them, but the chubby 3 is still dry.

    $GFT brushes1.jpg
  7. And now you're dead, to me, that is.:wink2:
  8. Cell phone pic. It will do for now.

  9. jtb


    Here's one of my favorite brushes.

  10. Loving the "money shot" Jacob
  11. Thanks. That brush is the best 17 bucks I ever spent.
  12. Here's my main line up: Germans on the right and Brits to the left. And of course the Portuguese in the middle!


  13. My Brushes:

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  14. Here are: Th├Ąter 30mm, Morris & Forndran 25mm, New Forest 19mm, Vulfix 20mm, Shavemac 28mm.


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  15. Unknown "Pure-Blaireau" with a new knot (20 Euro) from Bock Pinsel - a very small German brush maker company.

  16. A Shavemac next to a Simpsons Chubby I and an Urn from Morris & Forndran (28mm)

  17. A Shavemac secured by two Rooney Victorian Heritage



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