Brush Idea. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by DefaultAnon, May 22, 2011.

  1. Im thinking about making a brush out of a socket. I think ill probably get a 26-30mm silver tip and set in low in the socket to make an massive industrial simpson chubby.
    Im concerned that it may be to heavy. what are your guys' thoughts?
  2. I think it is a cool idea, though not my style. It will be butt-heavy, but I can't imagine that will impact its usability much.

    +1 for creative
  3. Eventually rust will become a problem bleeding through I would think. If not it would be a cool novelty.
  4. Thoughts?
    You will need a 1 1/8 in socket,use a proto or S&k if you want some class.
    That being said,The brush with a TGN 30 will wgt 248 gms.
    If you drop it in the sink it may make a mark,have fun,carry on:)
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    Check this thread for some other great ideas on Brush Handles including sockets, shotgun shells, golf balls, shifter knobs and even a Troll Doll.

    The folks at B&B can be amazingly creative, and I salute your seeking ways to make this hobby more fun and entertaining.
  6. Your in luck:) S&K makes a 1 1/8 in.Titainium socket,1/2in.Drive,Non-magnetic,Hypoalergenic,$80.00,that would be cool and very light,Just do it man:)
  7. It could look really nice but it'll be heavy and probably slippery when wet so dont drop it,,you might break something:001_smile
  8. That's pretty cool, just remember not to try to face lather outside of the US with it. Won't work. You'll need metric.

  9. Hex


  10. Here is my well used Snap-on 30mm socket. It weighs 267 grams or just over a half pound. That's a little too heavy I think. I would be afraid of knocking my teeth out.

  11. Tak


    Ohhh...sell it next to a straight razor and you can advertise it to the wet shaving and home-defense obsessed crossover market!

    I bet all four of them would buy a set!:lol::lol:
  12. You gents are probably right. I think they money I had hoped to save by making my own would be greatly diminished if I broke the sink of any of my bathroom tiles.
  13. Wisdom is the enemy of creative adventures!
  14. Luckily I've escaped most of the wisdom thats ive stumbled upon. :001_smile What are some other brush possibilities that don't require tools, out side of basic screwdriver, hammer, ect?
  15. Tools are needed for subtractive sculpting; i.e. removing material to the desired shape.

    You could take an additive approach with epoxy putty, polymer or natural clay. Lots of things on the market now are air dry, or dryable in your home oven.

    I do a lot of sculpting for my kids tabletop wargaming using two-part epoxy putty. It's pricier than clay, but you could use something like a wine cork for filler and then putty around that.

    Another option is some kind of molding.
  16. Awwwww, what a discouraging bunch:incazzato
    Aren't we supposed to be enablers! I wanted to see how this turns out. Sure, I didn't think it would work out well, but I wanted to see how it turned out:w00t:

    DefaultAnon, I think it is probably better that you don't end up doing this (though I'd encourage you to do it nonetheless). But, you should let us know what other creative handle you end up going for:sorcerer:
  17. -Oh, don't misunderstand me. I think he should do his socket idea. You can get a boar or pure knot for $12 and the socket is essentially free. If you are really worried about dropping it, stick a screw down into a wood base from the bristle end of the socket before you put the knot in. Epoxy some backgammon pieces to the thing or whatever.

    Say, you could even get a nice, fat socket cap screw or nipple reducer to build on. (damn that sounded wrong...:blush:)

    Pretty sure some combination of hardware would easily accomplish the goal. Maybe take a trip to HD or Lowes and just browse the hardware and plumbing bins.
  18. I've been thinking of doing this too.
    And somehow turning a 1/4" drive ratchet into a razor.

    It would certainly be a heavy brush, but I think mostly I would just let it sit on the shelf as a decoration anyway. A 12 point socket would be better suited I believe.
  19. See,B.S.T.:)
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    Well that's that!

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