Brush for face lathering that won't break the bank?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by SlyAggie, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. I'm really starting to enjoy face lathering with shave sticks, but the only thing I have that is useful is my little travel brush I got with an AOS set.

    I like that it doesn't splay out like my Crowley and Tosh silvertip (very soft and good for building lather in bowl) but the travel one is too small. The knot is only about 15mm wide.

    I'm looking for density with a hint of scritchiness and decent backbone.

  2. Two good valued brushes would be Simpsons Duke 2 and Duke 3 (which size you may prefer). I don't know if they are considered cheap however, but maybe? Great for face lather.

    Semogue 1305 is cheap and also good (not nearly as good as Duke IMO).
  3. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    Semogue 830 is my go to brush. Just used a TGN finest last night, and it was a let down, frankly. I am so used to the boar that the xtras stuffed badger felt like I was rubbing a sponge ball on my face. Which isn't a bad thing, just not what I have grown to love.
  4. Another vote for the Semogue 1305. Once it is broken in, it is an outstanding brush and an excellent brush for face lathering.
  5. Frank Shaving Finest for an affordable badger.
    Any Semogue boar otherwise.
  6. StuMcB

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    Duke 1 or 2. Or Case, or special or a FS in finest. Or in boar you cant go wrong with the Semogue 620.
  7. cryhavoc

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    Go to and order the #7 brush. It is horse hair, cheap as dirt and meets your needs. It and the #6 are two of the three brushes in my rotation.
  8. Semogue 1305 is the only brush you'll ever need. It's the, "If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one brush.....".
  9. Duke 1 in Best, Simpson Berkeley in Best or Rooney 1/1 in (Super) Silvertip. All are great at face lathering with good backbone and a little scritch.
  10. Semogue 1305 on the cheap. For a little more $$$$$ a Simpsons Duke 1 or Case brush
  11. If you are looking for a different approach, I find the mixed Badger/Boar and Badger/Horse to be fine pieces. I have been using the Vulfix Grosvenor a little too much lately, and after a proper breaking in, it is quite a lovely face latherer.
  12. Semogue 830. Mine came fairly soft out of the box, and has only improved since. Literally, just a hint of scritch.

    If you're willing to make your own, TGN 2-bands are super soft...maybe too soft for you. But, they also have handles and other hair grades. Just add epoxy and you're ready to go.
  13. It really would help if you gave us a price range.
  14. Simpson Colonel x2l. I face lather soaps and creams with it and love it. Best deal I have found is WCS with B&B discount. Worth every buck.
  15. I just got a Semogue 1407 at west coast shaving, and i love it for face lathering. 13.50 and free shipping with the code in the shopping deals forum.
  16. Perhaps you should consider buying a knot and making your own brush. I prefer long-handled brushes like the old-fashioned ones, so I make my own. It's really rather easy to do. A lot of folks simply get an old brush for just a few dollars and put in a new knot.
  17. I have a Semogue 1800 and it's fantastic for face lathering. I also just got an Omega 11137 (IIRC) and while it's still breaking in It's been great as well. I think you can get into the Semogues for $20-30 and the Omegas for under twenty. If you look around the BST or even post a WTB I think you could be in business pretty quickly.
  18. I'm with Kent, and add Semogue 620.
  19. Good idea! I just remembered I picked up a cheap acrylic brush while out antiquing so I might try to put a new knot in.
  20. After trying a variety of brushes, boar ( Semogue 830, Omega, Vulfix), badgers (Vulfix super, TGN two-band), and synthetics, I think I love my well-broken-in Omega 80257 boar the best. It converted me to face-lathering. It's easy and pleasant to use-just the right mix of firm and soft. Less than $15.

    I'm contemplating putting an Omega banded boar into a nicer handle. Got the itch to give Rudy a call! :lol:

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