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  1. One problem I have with American Brown Ales is that they're either overly sweet...or watery. I've tried about 15 different browns in my travels, so I'm not an expert by any stretch. But then again, it's not a style I normally seek out.

    My favorite is Real Ale's Brewhouse Brown. Not overly sweet. Spicy with tons of raisin, fig, even a little banana... and a dash of brown sugar and black tea. A silky, yet light mouthfeel with sharp carbonation. Concentrates on the malt like a brown should. Almost complex. Closest thing America has come to a good Quadrupel like Abt 12 or Rochefort 10, and made right here in good ol' Fort Worth TX. :smile:

    An honorable mention is Anchor's Breckle's brown. This has quite a bit of fruity hops, making it a bit unorthodox in my limited experience, but still superb.

    Beer fans...what's your favorite American Brown Ale?
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  2. For the reasons you mention I don't find brown ales to be very interesting and pass on them. Every brewer seems to make one but they are uninspired and usually one dimensional. If I had to pick a favorite it would be DFH Indian Brown. It's quite a bit outside the style but good with lots of unique flavors. I'll keep an eye out for the Brewhouse Brown.
  3. I thought this was going to be a thread about how watching the Cleveland Browns can drive one to drink.
  4. Smuttynose Very Old Dog Brown Ale
    Smuttynose Old Dog Brown Ale
    Dogfish Head Palo Santo (technically a brown ale on style)
  5. If you like DFH's Brown, you really should try Anchor's Breckles Brown. They are very similar. Both rather hoppy for browns.
  6. lol...I thought that someone would mention Cleveland when I titled this thread.
  7. I haven't tried that many browns myself. But I do remember trying the Real Ale's Brewhouse Brown when I lived in Dallas. Can't remember much about it since I wasn't fully into craft beer like I am now. DFH Palo Santo Maron was very good. I also tried Bear Republic's Pete Brown Tribute Ale. It was pretty good even though brown ales aren't really my go to style.
  8. Abita Turbodog, New Glarus Fat Squirrel, Ale Asylum- Madtown Nut Brown.

    Also nothing wrong with a New Castle( not American but its the Nut Brown I know I can usually always get).
  9. Careful, I might get offended :blink:

    I have not found an American Brown Ale that I like, but I enjoy Newcastle so I don't really explore that type often.
  10. I feel much the same way about most brown ales I come across. Many are probably good gateway beers, however. I thoroughly enjoyed DFH Indian brown, and have another couple bottles of Palo Santo Marron stashed in the cellar, might have to pop one in the fridge tonight...
  11. Sam Smith's Nut Brown is, has always been, and might always be my favorite. It's exactly what a Nut Brown should be, IMO.

    I like DFH Indian Brown quite a bit, but like DogHair said, it's kind of a step off the traditional Nut Brown path.
  12. Good to hear. Their oatmeal stout was the inspiration for mine, so perhaps I'll pick up their nut brown and see if I can't brew another poorly executed copy of a Samuel Smth ale. :biggrin1:

    Yes. While you're at it, they too make a nice oatmeal stout.

    Most bigger-name breweries known for a single style do it inoffensively simple, so as to appeal to the masses. See also Duvel's Belgian Strong, or Anchor Steam's California Common (Steam Beer, colloquially). These two aren't bad, per se, but certainly not amazing. I think of Newcastle in this manner.
  13. Found some DFH Palo Santo Morran on draft tonight. Excellent!


  14. That looks tasty. You just prompted me to buy more brown ale. I really like that glass too. Seems fitting for a brown...not sure why, but it does.
  15. I tried Samuel Smith's Nut Brown and definitely dig it. It's mainly about malt character; the hops do nothing but balance it out. It's an approachable, but appreciable beer.

  16. Glad you liked it. That's a good description.
  17. Here are two good ones. unfortunately the Sly Fox here isn't bottled, so I have to go to the brewery and fill my growlers when I want this.

    Sly Fox- Fox Tracks brown ale
    Boulder Beer- Flashback brown ale
  18. While technically not a Brown Ale (and from the oldest brewery in America) Yuengling's Black and Tan is pretty good. Never got a complaint when I show up with a case... then again, when I show up with free beer no one ever complains!
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    One of my favorite Brown Ales is Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewery. I can't get it in NY but had it once. Then I found a recipe to brew it, and it is FANTASTIC!
    I also like Dog Fish India Brown a lot! Another good one that is commercially available sometimes in California is Tasty McDole's Janet's Brown. Again, I have had a homebrew version of it that was GREAT!
  20. Moose Drool is a pretty common beer here in DFW. It is a great brown!

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