British boys - How do you get Nancy Boys stuff??

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  1. Hello to the UK troop in here.

    I need a strong, NON-SCENTED or LOW-SCENT deodorant for work. I have heard about Nancy Boys Natural Deodorant, on this forum, but it looks like the company prefers to do business with domestics (USA). :sad:

    Do any of you know of a source who can get me a bottle or three to the United Kingdom?

    Failing that, are you aware of an equally good natural product being sold in the UK?

    Warmest Regards
  2. Try kiss my face liquid rock unscented. It is pretty damned good. Personally I will be getting my nancy boy stuff from the nancy boy store when I visit the west coast of the US in a couple of weeks !!!
  3. The Arm&Hammer unscented solid is pretty good as well...just don't know if sold in UK or not.
  4. I thought all British men were Nancy Boys. :confused:

  5. Doc4

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    Hey, this is supposed to be a nice, quiet forum! :eek:
  6. Thanks guys, I will read up on the other choices mentioned.

    James....wanna be a mule for me? I will get you something from the Nancy Boys range, if you can mule over two cans or whatnot of the deodorant for me :p howszat for payment.

    Zeni - These "Nancy Boys" ruled 3/4s of the known world - including that piece of 'Baccy n' cotton scrubland you lot call home, mate :ouch1: Any lippy and we gonna send another 12 marines out there to sort you out :D

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