Brick and Mortar in New Orleans, LA and Gulfport/Biloxi, MS

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  1. I'm on the road again this week and since the last trip to Monterey yielded some great finds in Carmel and Santa Cruz, I thought I would try this again.


    This time I'm looking for shops worth checking out in either New Orleans (French Quarter, Warehouse or Garden Districts, central city area or around NAS JRB New Orleans preferably) or in the Gulfport / Biloxi, MS area... maybe other places in Mississippi as I will be driving between New Orleans, Gulfport and Meridian, MS.

    Thanks in advance for the travel tips....
  2. In New Orleans, you will find a nice little shop on Magazine Street in the Garden District named Aiden Gill (there is a second location on Fulton St. in the Warehouse district.) They have in the past carried brushes, razor handles for carts, shaving stands and some creams/soaps. I haven't been in a while, but had a good straight shave when I went to university there. Good luck, nice place.
  3. I'm packing up and heading out in the morning... I will definitely check this place out and file a report later this week.
  4. I live somewhat close, and visit pretty frequently. Stay out of trouble down there :lol:.

    Anyways, there is not much.

    I haven't been since starting my wet shaving journey, but everyone seems to mention Aiden Gill. They say you can find some soaps there, but over priced. Also, a few suggest some of the shops in the Canal Street Mall. Those are the links where I am getting my information from.

    As far as Biloxi, nothing really there outside of the casinos unfortunately. Go there every year for some meetings. Biloxi is pretty small except for the casinos. Hope you find something and report back since I frequent both of the locations you are going to, and I'm right up the road.
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    Aiden Gill used to be fantastic. Haven't been since I lived there about 6 years ago. Sure, their prices are good bit higher than you can get online, but it's a really nice little shop, and I actually got a pretty decent shave there.
  6. Do they have a decent selection? I would like to know this personally as well as the OP? I understand prices are probably higher because rent, shipping to the store, etc., and I'm fine with that. Just wondering about the selection. The other threads I have read just suggested they only have T&H.
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    Again, my info is six years old. The barbers use T&H products, but I remember they had a somewhat decent selection on the shelves. Trumpers, DR Harris, and their own "house-branded" stuff I recall. No, it's not Pasteur's or Merz, but it's a nice shop. I'll actually be back in N.O. in a couple months, so maybe I'll swing by AG and get an update.
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  9. Report on Aidan Gill on Magazine St, NOLA....

    Okay, this shop has all the man things in one place that has taken me 25 years to amass... examples: lots of nice and interesting cuff links, pocket squares, bow ties, traditional neck ties (very nice one too boot), flasks, leather men's accessories, books for MEN, very nice domino sets and leather dice cups, Laguiolle pocket knives (I don't have one of these but covet one badly), interesting watches from Tokoyo Boy, a vast array on men's fragrances and shaving hardware and software... Even more stuff than The Carmel Drug Store that I visited on my last trip...

    The shaving supplies... I going to try and remember as much as I can here...

    T&H - the jsut about the entire line as far as I can tell
    Geo F Trumpers - same as above and more... including the colognes and aftershaves...
    DR Harris - same as above and more...
    Pennhaligons - Blenhiem Boquet cream for $50 and some other stuff

    Musgo Real - colognes, three scents
    Floris - many scents

    Bluebeards - some miscellaneous stuff

    Merkur - razors and blades

    Aidan Gill house branded pre-shave oil, and several nice AG branded silvertip brushes that appeared to have about 23-25mm knots with cream, black or imitation horn handles and matching Mach 3 razor handles. Also smaller AG travel size brushes with about 18-19mm knots

    Some straight razors

    The services cost $40 for either a haircut or a shave and include a beverage of your choice (Jameson Whiskey, Guiness Stout or some other choice as Mr. Gill is Irish). I was told they use the T&H product and their house pre-shave oil for the shaves.

    I picked up the book "As a Gentleman Would Say" by John Bridges... looks like and interesting and useful read.

    On an interesting note I was told that Mr.Gill has one of the worlds largest collections of shaving memorabilia and gear and a lot of it is on display in the store... literally hundreds of brushes, more straight, DE and other kinds of razors than I could imagine and countless old bottles of men's stuff, including a complete collection of Avon chess pieces.

    I would definitely recommend a visit the next time you're in NOLA... hours are 10:00am-6:00pm M-F, I don't know about weekends.
  10. Oh, their prices were right in line with the internet for most stuff and I forgot to mention Castle Forbes was on the shelves too....

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