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  1. Over the past week, I think I've had a breakthrough. A confluence of events have taken me to the point where I'm getting three-pass DFS with minimal irritation.

    It all started last Tuesday. I had been using Feathers for about a week. I was getting really close shaves with no nicks so I thought all was well. But after about the third day of Feather use, my face was getting extremely irritated. By Monday morning, event he shaving cream stung. It looked so bad aferwards that I didn't even go to work. I tried again on Tuesday, and the result was only slightly better.

    So, on Wednesday, I switched out my Feather and went back to the Wilkinson Sword, which had been my original blade before experimeting with Crystals, Derbys, Astras and Feathers. I also felt that my blade angle may have been off. So I did some reasearch and found the best possible advice. Hold the razor handle perpidicular to the face and lower it 30 degrees.

    The combination of angle adjustment and the Wilkinson Sword blade has made a huge difference. My shaves are smooth and my face is burn-free. At some point soon, I may try a Feather again, but I say this: Feathers aren't for everybody.
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  2. Congrats! It is super when we find a blade that works well with our personal prep and style! Finding the right angle is ever so important!
  3. It might just have been poor technique. The Feather may have come too soon for you. If you are happy with the Wilkinson, that's fine too. Stick with it until you are certain that you have mastered your technique.
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    Your words of wisdom are right on: Feathers are not for everyone!
  5. Feathers are fine provided you don't use them more than twice. For that reason alone there are cheaper blades out there that will perform better in the long run.
  6. +1 on the 2 usage for Feathers, i can get 3, but its not usually comfortable.....
  7. I will go back to the Feather, but, as you said, not until I'm more consistent in my technique. I really want to like the IPs for financial and cultural reasons, so I think I'll give them another go-round first.
  8. It's a good idea to take a break from the Feather. Set them aside, and revisit them at a later time.. :thumbup1:

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