Brazilian TTO - or why they prefer wax.

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  1. I was just in Brazil. Not much interesting to report on wet shaving/ Mostly multi-blade razors and either foam or a few mass market creams. I picked up a TTO razor in a street market "Big Wig" brand. It cost 12.90 Raeis (about $8). When I started to open and close the doors, they fell off, a few more turns on teh knob and the whole drive screw came out. I managed to get it all back together, but I doubt that I'll risk using it - waxing would probably be less painful.

    Also picked up a tube of "Bozzano" menthol cream - this seems to be quite good.
  2. I've got some Gillette Super Thin Mejoradas that are made in Brazil. These are really nice blades but I don't know if they're current production or old stock.
  3. I don't like bozzano, I don't think that it has enough lubrication/glide to it. I prefer the Nivea Creme Suave para Barbear (the same as the german/polish one reviewed in these forums).

    I doubt that many/any brazilians use DE razors as the brazilians are always desperate to adopt the newest technology and those who don't are considered lower class (class is extremely important in Brazil, much moreso than in the US).

    So what with the ads for new razors as "new technology" few brazilians would be caught dead shaving with a DE razor (unless your class status is without question).
  4. that TTO razor has weishi written all over it,
  5. Are Weishis really that badly made? This razor is close to useless - very low quality construction and finish compared to anything else that I have seen. I was thinking of getting a Weishi sometime just to try it, but maybe it's not worth the bother if they are just pot metal.
  6. it looks very very simillar, if not the same, but usualy weishis are described as decent mild shavers, they do look a bit poor compared to merkurs,
  7. Looks like a weishi, but mine has not fallen apart. I think that razor is a step below the weishi.
  8. Toss the razor, keep the case. :001_smile
  9. You are right. I'm brazilian, live in Rio and and must say: nobody uses DE or STR8 here! NOBODY!
    I think I'm the only one. My DE is a Futur, wich I import, and paid 100% in taxes! Wetshaving here is very expensive.
  10. Com o nome carioca, nao diga! :biggrin:

    eu vou para o Brasil todo ano com a minha mulher (brasileira), nunca vi nenhuma coisa de wetshaving la. E infelizmente um deserto de wetshaving.
  11. :w00t:Cara voce nao sabe como é bom ver alguma coisa escrita em portugues por aqui!!!
    Realmente aqui nao temos nada que valha a pena, e como voce sabe nossos impostos de importacao sao indecentes.
    Mas continuo na luta.
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    I like more the old Gillette Super-Speed Made in Brazil :biggrin:
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    Leave it to Mr Razor to enlighten us all. :thumbup1:
  14. With access to the beautiful beaches, the botanic garden and plenty of caipirinhas, I think I'd be willing to pay a bit extra for shaving gear.
  15. [​IMG]
    Fully agree! :cool:
  16. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  17. I heard, but don't know if this is true, that the brazilian govt. pays for their women to have plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures because they care so much about the appearance of their women.

    So is there nothing to shaving related worth getting in brazil? My dad works on an oil rig off the coast of Brazil, I think he flys to Rio. He also works with some brazilians and I'm sure they could bring him stuff because they always seem to buy/give my dad Soccer jerseys and stuff and my dad buys/gives them stuff they ask for from the U.S.
  18. complete BS. Maybe there is a program for poor children with cleft palettes and such, but no the Brazilian govt does not hand out botox injections and face lifts to people.

    Well what I have found is Nivea Creme Suave para Barbear (it's the same mild shaving cream in a tube that they sell in Europe). It's very smooth, very lubricating an all round great cream. The smell is awesome too. I fully endorse it. Other than that, there are some other national creams that I REALLY do not endorse like Bozzano.

    You said your father works on a platform off the coast, is it in Angra dos Reis? (close to Rio, in a VERY exclusive resort archipelago) which paradoxically has a huge oil platform right in the bay on the mainland departure point.

  19. He works for a company called Diamond Offshore, all I know is he flys to Rio and that I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to see it from shore. I believe this is the rig he works on, I see on the page that it says Flag: Marshall Islands
  20. I'm a brazilian as well, from são paulo. Bought my merkur 23c when I lived in france, together with a 500ml professional size proraso "sapone da barba" so I could shave without worries :`^)

    Now i'm searching pawn shops to buy another DE, no luck, can anyone from São paulo help me?


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