Bought the worst brush ever!

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by tubamann, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Hello, just like to say.
    Today I was at Sparkjøp (large cheap everything-store), and found my second brush. It was priced about $12, so no worries about it being a bad brush (I just really wanted to try something else as to be able to compare). It was a bit stiff, but I don't really have that much experience with brushes.

    Alas... It was marked "Pure Bristles, Made in Germany" and ate up all my lather!
    First I tried making lather with it, used a good dash of Mr. Taylor. No luck, just my black bowl left after some swirls. Hmm. Then I made a good batch with my AOS brush, and tried applying some with my new brush. One swirl, two swirls, everything gone and the brush was all dry. And I couldn't get any on my face afterwards. You might want to stay clear of cheap-o brushes :tongue_sm

    (Sorry for bad pic, but my real digicam hadn't any battery left.)
  2. Hi,
    It really looks bad. Getting a pure badger brush would be a better idea.
  3. Hell, my cheap azzed Van Der Hagen Boar looks better than that thing. :eek:
  4. Looks like a boar. could be ok. boar brushes don't hold water or heat like a badger, so that adjustment could be the issue. I had a conk boar that was actually quite soft. good luck.

  5. Wow, looks like it came off a rabid animal
  6. I was thinking earlier today that it look LIKE a rabid animal, not just like it came from one. Like some kind of mangy mongrel terrier.
  7. I did not buy it, but evaluated it. It is the brush from P(rovence) S(ante) and about 30 hairs fall out during/after each shave. The knot is pitiful.

    But it looks great next to the PS Redware S/S Dish.

    Were they to correct this issue I would sell them by the truckloads.
  8. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    That's just what I was thinking and I paid about $3.25 for that thing at the grocery store.
  9. But actually, I found it was somewhat great for lathering soap with, due to the incredible stiffness of the bristles :) Just didn't comply with my face afterwards...

    (I should rather have put my money in the Erasmic cream next to the brush in the store, which now I read is a great cream)
  10. wilkinson 4 euro brush from the supermarket, its not nylon, its not bristle, its just plain plastic, i dont get it,
  11. My first and only experience with a synthetic brush...

    View attachment 22428

    Guess it didn't like GFT Rose :eek:
    If anyone wants it, PM me, they can have it!!!
  12. Is it the premium one? Isn't that supposed to be great? :p
  13. It's not the premium one, 'only' cost me £8 but as I only used it about 8 times that works out quite expensive :mad3:
  14. Then it's the Barbiere, which is boar and not synthetic. I thought it (the boar one) was supposed to be pretty good too...
  15. You could well be right when you say it's boar - however, still a cheap brush that didn't do so well for me. Pays your money, takes your choice :001_huh:
  16. The handle looks great however ,the knot of ...whatever it is: boar , muskrat, river rat doesnt look very good
  17. This kind of looks like the "Bass" brushes they sell around here (Made in Germany, "pure bristle")....they look nice, but the second they touch water or any sort of cream/soap they just start falling apart.
  18. Around Christmas time you could sell it as the Chia Pet of shaving brushes. :tongue_sm
  19. Yeah, same thing with my. I actually had to look through all the brushes on the stand to pick the one with the fewest broken bristles. I had to buy one though :D
  20. NO! It can't have come from a rabid says "PURE bristles!"'d probably make better lather if you swished a Miraphone C4 in your bowl, or a Helleberg...

    ...oops, wrong forum! Sorry...I mistook your brush for a tuba mouthpiece...:mad3:

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