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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Emmett, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Since I'm on a kick of Assams I figured I could start another thread. Join me!

    Today, Organic Emperor's Gold
  2. 2009 Yunnan Pure Small Bud "Gold Tips" for me tonight. Amazing stuff! Super thick, smooth, honey-like brew. Very delicious. One of the best teas I'd ever had was an 06 of pure bud dian hong. Can't wait until this stuff gets a few years on it.
  3. I'm drinking the same stuff pretty much daily. Only thing I'm drinking lately besides Jing's everyday Milan Dancong. Great winter teas, especially after taking out the garbage late in the frigid winter air.

    Does anyone even know about this thread? I've seen people post heicha or hongcha in the other tea threads probably because they didn't know this thread existed.
  4. ouch

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    Hopefully, this thread will pick up steam now.
  5. Can't imagine it will since the OP hasn't posted in here in a month :)

    Yesterday I drank some tasty Keemun Gong Fu from
  6. Some Ceylon Uva Highlands today. Can't say I'm enjoying it at all. The leaf isn't far off dust which I'm not really used to dealing with, maybe a bigger pot and a longer steep would help.

    In other news I've been really enjoying cutting through my black tea samples from Lochan Tea and Nothing But Tea

    I feel a qimen binge coming on soon, my little qimen pot is feeling neglected.
  7. More Keemun Gong Fu
  8. Well, I'm working my way through a 1 kilo bag of Assam Gold Tips. I don't imagine that I'll be drinking anything else for quite some time.
  9. English Breakfast from a can by Twinings.
  10. Wow, sorta forgot about this when I got on my yearly apple cider all day long kick. Back to tea now, we'll see if I can't get this thread going a bit.

    Today was Darjeeling Risharrat first flush
  11. 2009 Yunnan Pure Small Bud "Gold Tips"

    First time trying this and it isn't bad. Seems to taste more like the English style cuppa than what I'm used to.
  12. netsurfr

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    Yesterday, I tried some new inventory of keemum that I recently received. Very nice indeed. Need to get some pics taken and get it posted on the site.
  13. Yunnan Black Gold "Simao Black" brewed English style. Not too shabby.
  14. arghblech, What exactly do you mean by "english style"? i wasn't aware we had a style.

    Over the past week i've been experimenting with Yorkshire red label tea with a small ammount of lapsang souchong to give a hint of smoke. drinking it with milk, very satisfying.

    when my Nilgiri arrives next week i shall try the same blend, replacing the yorkshire tea with the Nilgiri.
  15. You very much have a style :001_smile Comparatively long steeps in large volumes of water with a relatively small amount of tea. The tea is normally steep just once.

    I tend to brew gong fu style which is lots of leaf (between 5-8g leaf) in a very small (100-120mL) pot for a really short (10-30s) amount of time. In extreme cases I have resteeped the same leaves more than 20 times... mostly I stop around 12 or 15 steeps.
  16. Oh i see, i guess you're right then if that's not the done thing elsewhere. As a tea nut, I quickly learn which is the best way to brew all of my teas, some with more leaves and a shorter brew, some with fewer and longer. some with few leaves and a short, agitated brew (such as the brew described above)
  17. I've been pretty immune to the attraction of the English style cuppa in my fairly young tea life. It isn't that I don't care for them as much as I never get around to them. I'm awash in oolongs and puerh so my black teas tend to not get pulled out all that often.

    That said, I really enjoyed mine yesterday :001_smile
  18. netsurfr

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    Yunnan Black Gold "Simao Black" brewed gong fu style this morning. Have not had any black tea in a long while. Quite satisfying.
  19. Top Grade keemun Gong Fu

    What a nice enjoyable black tea, definitely smooth with clear crisp clean flavor notes. Deep robust ripe subtle spicy fruits, its hard to describe but yummy and very enjoyable. I am enjoying this one more so that my usual yunnan gold, although I wouldn't replace it just yet. Pictures are of the final infusions :laugh:
  20. Yunnan Black Gold "Simao Black" brewed comme le facon d'Anglais.

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