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  1. Found today. What do you make of it? Year? Made by J&J.

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  2. Johnson and Johnson disposable hospital razor.

    That's supposed to be a non-removable blade.
  3. Thanks. It eas easily removed from the bottom by sliding it to the left. It'll make it's way to the trash.:blink::blush:::001_huh:makes you wonder how it even made it to the antique fair.
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  4. That is a very brightly coloured razor! From hospital to antique store, go figure!
  5. Never knew there was such a razor. :innocent:
  6. It looks like it takes a special blade. Do you have photos of that?
  7. I made the mistake of shaving my face with a hospital razor. I was at work and left the house is such a hurry I forgot to shave. This was before my wet shaving days, so I despised shaving anyway.

    Got to work and that's all I could find. I figured "how bad could it be?". Very. Bad. Idea. I looked like I had been slap boxing with edward scissorhands. I actually thought to myself in mid-shave "I really regret this decision".

    I bled for an hour with bits of cheap toilet paper all over my face.

    Just seeing this razor gives me chills.
  8. This is instructional. It certainly embarrassing but I hope others learn from it. The same vendor who sold it to me as a bakelite give me a pretty good deal on other razors and nos blades. So it's a wash. Live n learn!
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  9. Permission to use this quote in the future (with attribution where possible)?
  10. Just a regular de I thought. I've since tossed it.
  11. Will the head reattach with a regular DE blade in there?
    I wouldn't call it a wash just yet. Maybe just give it a wash.

    Wait's Compendium says that the blade is not removable, but it looks like you've removed it and can put a new one in.
    That's awesome new information!
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  12. Absolutely... please do! :lol:

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