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  1. For the love of God...can someone please tell me where I can buy Borax in Canada. Specifically Calgary. I cannot find it anywhere in the NW!
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    A grocery store doesn't have it?
    I'm surprised with all those co-ops and what not you have there.
    Maybe some will end up in the Canadian Traveling Box :laugh:
  3. I got some for another project, but I think I got it from a grocery store, No Frills to be exact, if you guys have them out west.
  4. safeway...~$6. I got mine at 12th Ave. and 8th st. SW


  5. I live in edmonton, AB, Canada and they have borax in safeway. Just ask the courtesy clerks. I Think its in the detergent area. Or even house cleaning section. Borax is so popular. The only down side is that they only sell the big box kind. So you might not need that much.
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    Should be in the laundry section of most major grocer stores.
  7. You can try to buy 20 Mule Team Borax in the supermarket. Personally, I buy all my chemicals from a local chemical firm. I have about 2kg of borax for photochemical purposes.
  8. I have purchased Borax recently at my local Home-Hardware store. Give that a shot and see if it's there. :thumbup:
  9. I'm sure I bought mine at Superstore on Country Hills and Sarcee Trail. I don't live to far from there.
  10. Should have ot in the cleaning section of any major grocery store. I got some at Zehrs, cheap!
  11. Every pharmacy should have it. I bought mine at Walmart's pharmacy.
  12. I buy mine at "No Frills",in the laundry section.Large box of "20 mule team".
  13. I should have asked this before but I assumed you are using the borax for cleaning purposes, is that correct? If not, what is the planned intent? Depending on your intended use, purity may be an issue.
  14. Nice! Thx!

    I'm pretty much as west as you can go in the NW. :laugh:

  15. I think I have only ever seen it in the laundry section.

    Usually by the boosters/additives like Spray & Wash, Oxyclean et al
  16. Found it Superstore! 2KG box of 20 Mule Team!

    Thanks again for the tip!
  17. This applies to shaving how? :huh:
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  18. One of the common shaving brush cleaning regimens uses borax.
    2 kilos is a lot of brush cleaning tho!:laugh:
  19. I have to wonder if you also post on APUG.
  20. Hey no problem. Glad I could help.

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