Boatswain American IPA - Uck!

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by incucrash, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Not too good, but what did I expect for $1.99 @ trader joes....

    I've been on a quest to try new beers, this one is proving itself not worthy....

    Buy something else! =]
  2. I have no experience with that beer in particular, but can tell you that you want to stay clear of anything brewed by Minhas... they make some of the most putrid discount "beer" available up here in Ontario. I have no clue what is available in your area, but it may be worth your while to peruse and for ideas on highly rated, good value craft beer. Cheers!
  3. Phog Allen

    Phog Allen Contributor

    Sorry to hear it. Unfortunately the renaissance in micro brewing has spawned its own copycat market. Beers with cool sounding names that have very little thought put into anything but the packaging. Recently a friend of mine ordered a case of Jesse James unfiltered wheat ale. To me, this stuff was no better than the average yellow American pilsner. And what's more it is brewed in this region by people who know what they are about . Weston Brewing in Weston Missouri. I have imbibed some of their ales at the brewpub and while I was not blown away, I sampled a couple that were very good. This one is not it. It has an acrid after bite on my palate. And if you look at the description on their website it is brewed to be super smooth. I don't know. Probably the old caveat emptor applies to micro brews as much as anything anymore. A six dollar six pack of Kansas City's own Boulvevard Brewing unfiltered wheat easily surpasses it.

    Another thing I am getting a bit tired of with the IPAs is the insane devotion to the Big 3Cs of hops. Hey, if we can have the 3Ts for lathers we can have the 3Cs for hops. Cascade, Columbus, and Centennial. In their own right they are fantastic hop flavours. These days you have brewers overdosing IPAs with all three of them and then adding a hop back AND a dry hop treatment of the same three. Talk about citrus overload! I suspect some of these IPAs(maybe the one you tried?) have the cheapest stuff they can put in them to try to attain this flavour profile. Who knows? Sorry it was not so good. Always nice(and tough) to find a bargain priced ale that is good as well.


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