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  1. Waterproof (Bulletproof, in Noodler's terminology) is what I'm looking for. For color, I'm looking for something close to Private Reserve American Blue.
    Would like to buy Noodler's if possible as they are affiliated, however loosely, with B&B, but after looking over their website I can't tell what colors, may be close.
    For what it's worth, I sign a lot of controlled documents at work and prefer something with a professional look to it. I have both of the B&B special inks but am looking for something else to use in the Pilot 78Gs I have on the way. One is in medium, one is in fine if it makes any difference.

    Any advice will be sincerely appreciated!
  2. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    I really like the Goulet LE Liberty's Elysium, but Baystate Blue may be a closer fit to American Blue. Or, even just regular Noodler's Blue.
  3. Fountain Pen Hospital has a very classy dark blue black called Ellis Island Blue while Art Brown has a similar ink called Manhattan Blue. Both are from Noodler's and I believe they are classified as "eternal", but am not 100% sure.

    $noodlers-manhattan-blue_600pix.jpg $noodlers-ellis-island.jpg

    I just found these doing a Google search. Hope it helps.
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  4. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    I don't believe Manhattan Blue/ Liberty Elysium/ Ellis Island are considered bulletproof. I have all three and use them at work on a regular basis. They hold up well with water, but aren't labeled bulletproof.
  5. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    They list Liberty's Elysium as Semi-Bulletproof, Forge Resistant and Water Resistant.
  6. chuckr9

    chuckr9 Contributor

    +1 on the Goulet LE Liberty's Elysium
  7. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    Here is a look at Liberty's Elysium.
    (Is the gallery down? Couldn't upload unless I missed something.)

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  8. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    Liberty Elysium is my favorite bright blue. It also doesnt have the issues that Baystate Blue has in regards to staining.
  9. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    I like Akkerman Shocking Blue (which some wags have said is actually Diamine Majestic Blue). If you order the Akkerman, you'll also get one of the coolest bottles imaginable. PR American Blue is nice too. And how about Pelikan Royal Blue?
  10. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    He was looking for something Waterproof, I know Pelikan Royal Blue isn't, is Akkerman?
  11. I doubt Akkerman is water proof- many people claim it is a Diamine ink, and they are from from water proof.

    In regards to seeing ink colors - try the Swab Shop over at Goulet pens. It is a great way to see how different inks look in comparison to others.

    Once you know what inks have the bulletproof, water proof etc, properties you want, check the colors on the Goulet site.
  12. Thanks, all. You guys have given me some ideas of what to try next. The Elysium will probably be next up.
    Pilot pens came in the mail today. Ordered Thursday at noon from, in the mailbox on Saturday. Can't get much better than that!
  13. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    No, Akkerman Shocking Blue is far from waterproof and in my tests not a Diamine product. P.W.Akkerman does have a permanent iron gall ink but tends toward black.
  14. To quote Ouch: "Did it ever dry?!"
  15. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    The funny thing is it didn't seem to take long to dry until I was waiting for it to dry! It is a nice ink, though.
  16. Ordered a bottle today at lunch time. Again, thanks to all of you.
  17. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    No problem, let us know how you like it.
  18. Isaac

    Isaac Moderator Emeritus

    You are going t love the ink. Its a lovely bright blue. I wont be without it.
  19. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Blue tends to be a hard colour to get properly waterproof. Noodler's Polar Blue is basically waterproof (and bulletproof, &c ... but actually waterproof, which I think the OP wanted) but a bit of a faded/chalky sort of blue.

    Check out Sailor Sei-boku 'nano' blue-black ...

    Liberty Elysium is being reformulated to address the "hey, this isn't really all that bulletproof" concerns. I don't know if the new version is out yet.
  20. Dave258

    Dave258 Moderator Emeritus

    They actually had Nathan at Noodler's mix a small test batch to address the semi-bulletproof nature of the ink. The color changed because of whatever was added. In his blog, Brian Goulet put it to a vote for customers to decide. The original ink won by a landslide, so the ink is not changing.
    Im on my iPhone so I can't give you the link right now.
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