Blood Red W&B Restore + Supplee Restore .....

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  1. $DSC_3289.jpg $DSC_3290.jpg $DSC_3291.jpg $DSC_3292.jpg

    Just a couple razors I restored as of late.....

    The Wade & Butcher is from Queen Victorias Reign...(V+Crown+R) Trademark Stamp..

    The Blue Guy is an American Geo. A Supplee & Co. (Made in Germany) Ever Heard That Name ? Me Neither !
  2. Those look great. Love the Red W&B. I have a VR and it is a great shaver. Might be the same style blade. Just something about that old Sheffield steel.
  3. So true,
    Thanks for nice words Whavens.

    Vintage Sheffield blades IMO have a level of quality that is very hard to beat...
  4. Very nice work. They both look great.

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