Blind test #1 - Feather vs 7 O'clock Yellow

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  1. Shave #1

    Test set up as described here.

    Brush = Vie-Long horse
    Cream = Body Shop Maca Root
    That's a combination that gives me masses of great creamy lather, and this time, bowl lathering, it was no exception.

    Pass 1, WTG: Both blades clearly very sharp and smooth, with really not much difference between them. If anything, Red (right side of my face) was a little smoother than Black (left), but hard to be sure. I nicked the top off a tiny zit on the right side.

    Pass 2, XTG: Couldn't tell any difference at all - nice smooth pass from both.

    Pass 3, ATG: In this pass, Black seemed a little less sharp, as I felt more resistance than from Red - but the difference was pretty small, and if I'd shaved with the two blades a day apart, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

    Closeness: On just these three passes, Red shaved me closer than Black, without a doubt - feeling against the grain in particular, there is more stubble left on the left side of my face than the right (though in absolute terms, there's not very much) - on a normal shave, Black would have needed more buffing than Red to finish off.

    Comfort: Usually I would use an AS splash or balm just as soon as I'd done my cold rinse and patted my face dry, but I'm deliberately waiting 10-15 minutes for these tests. Interestingly, on the right, I can just about feel the presence of the beheaded zit, and no irritation other than that - but there's a slight bit of irritation on my left cheek. Pre-AS, Red left me slightly more comfortable.

    AS:Good splash of Arko Aqua AS, and the same fairly low level of tingle/sting on each side (it's a high-alcohol splash). No indication of more discomfort on one side or the other - if I'd splashed the AS straight away, I'd have concluded equal comfort from both blades.
  2. Great. Looking forward to following this.
  3. Interesting how the ATG showed the differences more than the other passes.
    Will be curious to see how they hold up for subsequent shaves.
  4. Are you going to continue for several days and then unblind the test?
  5. Cant wait to see who the winner is. I am a big fan of the yellows and have not tried a feather yet.
  6. Yep, I'll keep going until at least one of the blades wears out - and then I'll write up my final thoughts before opening the razors to find out which is which.
  7. I've used both blades and have an opinion on which I prefer. I'm looking forward to see how that stacks up to your blind test.
  8. i think the Yellows will come out on top.....much smoother. Interested to see.
  9. Update: Approx 24 hours on from shave #1, I clearly have more stubble on the Black side than the Red side, although the difference is not great. I have to conclude that Red shaved me closer first time.

    Now, off for shave #2...
  10. I had my first shave with a yellow today. If they last past shave #2, they will beat feathers out by far for me. Super sharp, yet the smoothest blade I have used to date. I hope they have the longevity that Feather's lack..
  11. I have to think the feathers will win out. I recently tried the yellows against the blue and black packs as well. I thought the blue was better than the yellow and the blacks were slightly better than the blues. But still not as sharp as feathers...................
  12. Shave #2

    Test set up as described here. I've swapped Red and Black over, so the Red razor shaved the left side and the Black razor the right this time.

    Brush = Vulfix Grosvenor, mixed badger/boar
    Soap = Arko stick (actually a couple of sticks I have milled into a bowl)
    Very nice lather again, if perhaps a little thinner than yesterday's Body Shop lather.

    Pass 1, WTG: Both blades felt significantly sharper and smoother than yesterday. No resistance or tugging from either, though in smoothness I'd say the Red blade perhaps just edged ahead.

    Pass 2, XTG: Again, I couldn't tell any difference at all - nice smooth pass from both.

    Pass 3, ATG: I expected to feel a bigger difference here (there's that old subjectivity that plagues such tests again), but there was no discernable difference at all - just a very smooth ATG pass on both sides. I was really surprised by not being able to detect any difference.

    Closeness: Definitely a closer shave on both sides than yesterday - if not quite BBS, then DFS+. Even feeling ATG, I can identify only a couple of tiny areas where I would usually do a tiny bit more buffing, and they're mirrored on each side of my jawline.

    Comfort: After about 15 minutes, I feel a bit of a mild glow on each side, mainly around the edges of the moustache area - but I wouldn't go as far as to call it irritation. In terms of Pre-AS comfort, there's really nothing between them today.

    AS: Feeling a bit chilly today, so I went for a nice faceful of Jovan Musk. Glow instantly gone, with a bit of tingle - but same across my whole face, with no areas feeling any different to any other, and feeling really good.

    Overall, this was an exceptionally smooth and close shave, and I'm really surprised how I couldn't really tell any difference between the blades - I have to say I'm wondering whether my assistant has pulled a fast one and put the same blade in each razor :001_smile. Time will tell.
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  13. You should do it again one more time. An experiment doesn't give valid results unless it is repeatable.
  14. Very true, and I'm certainly open to the idea of coming back and repeating tests - though the limiting factor might be how long I'm going to live :001_smile

    But here's a thought - perhaps some of you other people out there could repeat these tests using the same protocol, thus improving the statistical validity of the sample?
  15. Update: A day on from shave #2, and I have very little stubble - yesterday's was a really close shave, from both blades equally. I think I'm going to leave it another day so there's a decent amount of whiskers for shave #3.
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    in on thread........
  17. Cool - all feedback, suggestions, etc are welcome :001_smile
  18. Shave #3

    Test set up as described here. Red on the right, Black on the left. It's cold today, so I thought I needed some rich warming goodness, so...

    Brush = Omega 10005
    Soap = Tabac
    The lather was Tabac lather - nothing more needs to be said, really :wink2:

    Pass 1, WTG: Red felt a little bit sharper, as there was a bit more resistance from Black. And from the skin side of the interface, Red felt a little smoother too - not much in it though, and two very good half-passes again.

    Pass 2, XTG: There seemed to be a bit more sharpness from Red, again in terms of less resistance than from Black. In smoothness terms, pretty much equal.

    Pass 3, ATG: Now starting to feel differences more. Definitely more resistance with the Black blade than the Red one. Red was noticeably smoother too - my skin could definitely feel the blade more on the Black. I got one tiny weeper at the end of my moustache area from Red, against three tiny weepers from Black at the other moustache end and another tiny one just under the jawline.

    Closeness: Red side a little closer, with a line of stubble left under the jawline from Black - something a quick bit of buffing would easily clear.

    Comfort: 15 minutes after cold rinse (which stopped the weepers) and pat dry, I'm feeling a bit of irritation across the Black side of my face and the Black side of the moustache area, and a bit just under the jawline on the Red side. Red has left me feeling more comfortable today.

    AS: Jovan Musk again, and noticeably more sting on the Black side - though I am still only talking of small differences which I'm sure would not be apparent if comparing one day to the next.

    So, another good shave, but not quite as good as the previous one. And on this one, Red is edging ahead. Onwards...
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  19. Really looking forward to the complete outcome of this. I have been using a Yellow the past two shaves, and I must say so far it is my favorite blade. Smooth, SHARP, and so far holding up very well. Feather blades, unfortunately, start to tug and pull on the second shave for me, too bad because the first shave they have no equal. Using no pressure, Feather were smooth enough.

    I think I will be ordering not only 100 Lab Blue, but also 100 Yellow blades Friday (if my blade is holding up still). That will keep me for 3-4 years :)
  20. Pretty cool thread mate. Will be great to see how it pans out!

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