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  1. The wife and I are attending a friends wedding this afternoon. The attire is somewhat more casual than a typical wedding so I don't want to go with a full suit. I have a really nice black blazer that I would like to wear. I have always worn this blazer with khakis, but my wife says that is a terrible look and black should never be worn with khakis? What are your thoughts. I always wear a black belt and black dress shoes as well, and the blazer is textured with dark brown buttons. Is my wife right in this and have I been looking like a fool before I met her?
  2. Your wife has excellent taste and fashion sense.
  3. First things first, get rid of the brown buttons. Seriously
    You can go with grey, blue or dark green chinos or a very nice pair of dark denims.
    Brown buttons on a black blazer? What is the world coming to?
  4. Definitely get rid of the khaki color chinos with a black blazer. Just go and buy charcoal/grey trousers.
  5. I don't think it's the khakis that are the problem, you want to wear brown shoes and belt with the look.

    A classic black blazer like that is a very flexible look, and can work great for occasions like this one. And don't forget the pocket square.
  6. Get rid of the buttons? They are actually dark tortoise if that makes a difference. I suppose its actually a sport coat as well. And brown belt and shoes? I've never considered that. I know it would work best with grey pants, but I can't afford any now and trying to make do with what I have and change things up from wearing the same two suits to every wedding. I have 11 to go to this year...
  7. Wow 11 to go this year? I feel sorry for you! lol

    Well if you have to make due with this then I would say add a white pocket square (if you're daring then some other color). This will perhaps shift the attention of your wardrobe to your pocket square.
  8. Yeah 11... you can see why I don't want the embarrassment of showing up to these bad boys wearing the same thing every time. Most of them are my friends as well so we will likely sit with the same group of people at each one.

    I have to say, I am clueless when it comes to men's fashion. I am a personal trainer so I rarely wear anything other than gym shorts and an athletic t-shirt. I am trying to step up my style, but only have the rare occasion to wear something stylish. Unless I came home and changed out of my work clothes and into a suit before bed that is!

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