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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Telecaster52, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. 22mm Larryandro Black badger ~50mm loft, sanded to matte finish for grippiness

  2. I like it. We'll be expecting a full report after usage.:thumbup:

    I'm curious to hear if it's as "prickly" as the TGN BB knots.
  3. not as bad as i expected, (dry) face feel is on par with my super.

    I want to add some color to the "rings" at the bottom of the handle, maybe red or orange?
  4. If you have a good supply house near by you might be able to get various colored o-rings for in them. Then, you could swap colors out as you wish.
  5. I do have some o rings in the shop... lemme go check if they're colored

    Great idea!
  6. I thought of that because I used to have an aluminum shifter knob that I would swap the o-rings on to match the illumination of whatever head unit I had installed at the time. Glad I got out of that hobby, it was way more expensive than shaving.
  7. Ooohhh tele likey!

    I would like to find some different colors eventually.
  8. Oh man! That is sah-weet!
  9. That looks good Tele!

    I need to get off of my butt and order a new knot for my grandfather's old vdh brush.
  10. My hand looks huge in that pic lol
  11. The simple things in life....O-rings.

    Looks good.

  12. nff


    that will change with bloom. dry and un bloomed my super badger felt nicer than the vei long silvertip but then it bloomed and wasent so densely packed so it got a bit scratchy-er than the silver.
  13. I'm comparing apples to apples (all knots from larry) and IMO the super is just as nice, if not better than the silvertip, i have an un-bloomed 22mm silvertip sitting here (waiting to go to Ireland) and it feels just about the same as the black badger
    *shrugs* ymmv
  14. nff


    yea its after bloom where it changes.
  15. Very nice tele!
  16. Where does Larry get his knots? I hadn't really checked his site out lately, but when I saw people mentioning "his" knots, I just assumed he was carrying a small selection of TGN's now. This isn't the case?
  17. Nope, not TGN knots. I'm unsure of where they're from but I like them.
  18. Dang - them O-rings is right purty!

    I would imagine they help provide a welcome bit of grippiness to the handle, too. Well done on both the reknotting and the blingification, Tele52!
  19. Thanks!
    As for the grip, i hold it at the waist so the o-rings (every time i type that i think onion rings :lol:) are mostly just for show. I still wanna get some orange ones. Maybe the ring thingys off of balloons?

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