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  1. Hi all. I'm not a little over a year into DE shaving and enjoy it very much. My only current concern is choice of blades, or to put it differently, I'm still in between enjoyable experience and frustration from time to time. I still cannot state what a 'go to' blade is for me. Not a big deal as it gives me a chance to keep trying. But I just pulled a Shark into my favorite razor today and the shave was just okay, not much more than that. So, what seems to be a winner one day becomes a challenging blade the next time I try it. Sharks are going to the trash for sure. I don't mind trying, I'm a little unsettled to be unable to have a blade that gives me dependable results.
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    How many blades have you tried?
    I've been DE shaving for just under a year and I still know there is work to be done for me to find my ideal razor/blade combinations. My most successful find so far is a Tech with a Feather, followed by my EJ86 with an Astra. I'm still looking for an improvement on the Astra and have some 7 o'clock blacks and Voskhods on the way which will take me upto about 15 different blades tried.
    Good luck with your search.
  3. I started with Atras SP's and I've stuck with that. Is there something better for me...who knows but I'm not sure what more a blade could do. I use these blades in my 3 D.E.'s ... Gillettes all...SS Flare Tip, Super Adjustable, and New Short Comb. I use the Super Adjustable on setting 2.

    I use D.E.'s only when I don't feel like using my straights.
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    It takes a lot of experimenting early on to figure out what works and doesn't work as far as razor/blade combinations and getting technique down. If you haven't bought a sample pack of blades yet, I would recommend doing that.
  5. I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that the greatest variable for me is. . . . . . . . how well and how long I lather and how long it sits there before I start cutting. I decided that before I started judging other things I need to really stabilize that part of the performance.
  6. Finding a "best" blade is such a personal thing, and it does take some time where you try a good number of blades. A good example is that you say the Sharks are not so good for you, but there are members who rave about Sharks and rate them as their own best blade. Just keep trying blades, and keep a record of how each works for you. Compare each to what is now your own best. You might find an even better blade, and that one will become your new best blade.
  7. Did try so far:
    Gillette, green, yellow, black, blue; Astra SS and SP; Polsilver; Feather; Perma sharp; Zorrick; Shark;
  8. You will find that improving your pre-shave preparation and technique will allow you to use any blade in any razor and come out with the same quality shave.

    I use a different blade and razor every day I shave (DE, SE, injector, or straight). I have just about every brand of DE, SE, and injector blade ever made. I find that I can get a quality shave (read BBS) from any combination I pick up. Now I do have preferences of which blade I like to use in which razor but this is just a personal preference and does not change the shave if I would have used a different blade that day with that particular razor.

    Here is an example that pulled in a lot of flack for me. The most aggressive razor on the market compared to the mildest razor on the market and the resulting shave was identical (BBS) from both razors.
  9. Is your prep, lather and technique what you would call "very good"? It could be a minor point as that, possibly.
    i am assuming you have gone through a few DEs and found what works best for you. As has been mentioned, blade preference is very personal and you will have to make the final decision.
    It seems like you have tried a few good blades and i am surprised you have not gotten on well with at least one. What is/are your razors? Have you tried cold water shaving?
    My only other suggestion with blades would be Super Iridiums, but, again, YMMV. Good luck.
  10. Feathers and Astra Sp's are great. Feathers are aggressive compared to Astra's. Astra's are pretty cheap compared to the Feathers. You really should try them.
  11. I am at a similar place in my growth. I am taking a month per blade next year and seeing where I get. I think this will give me a good feel for what I like. I honestly don't care (98% of the time, there are a few I really don't care for, but that might have been a little early in learning curve so they are back on the list).

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