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  1. I am a newb (day 3) and have been using the Merkur Super Platinum blades. I have already odered a sample pack from West Coast Shaving but was wondering what some of you gents that have used the Merkur blades have found to be a superior replacement that provides a nice, CCS.
  2. Pretty much anything else. Work your way through the sampler. You'll find one you like much better. Blades are a very individual choice.
  3. I can't say that I've ever found Merkur blades to work for me. Astra Superior Platinum Premium are much smoother than Merkur, and they cost less (on Amazon for about $10 U.S. for 100 blades). My favorite blade since trying it is Persona Surgical Med Prep blade. Sharp and smooth, but more money than Astras, which in my opinion is the best buy in a DE Blade. Thing is, if you find a blade that suits you, it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of its performance. Good shaving to you.
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    Blades are a very personal thing. Some work for an individual and some don't. The blades I am currently using are Personna Lab and Med Prep blades, Lord, Personna Reds, Astras, and Russian Gillettes. However, what works for me may not work for you.
  5. My Progress came with the sampler Merkur Platinum blade that works well, but I'm now using a Feather and the experience has improved greatly. When testing/sampling, for your own safety, make sure you set your razor low and move up slowly. Enjoy! :thumbup:
  6. Feather is my favorite with Astras in second place. I use a Edwin Jaeger DE89. I should also say, I did not like the Merkur blades and they did not work well for me at all.
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  7. Pick a brand and stick with it for a couple of months minimum. It does not matter what brand, just spin the wheel and use what ever comes up.
  8. Feather and Astra. I use a feather AS-D1 razor.
  9. With all respect, I would be hesitant to try this. Although it is true switching too many variables when learning is not good, I have found that if you use a blade that definitely doesn't work for your razor/skin type it is generally not a good idea to keep using it. Hence the idea of sample packs.
  10. I started with a sampler pack and stayed with each sample for a couple of weeks and finally settled on Astra, but YMMV.
  11. Use a sampler to quickly discover which blades rip your face and which blades shave it. If something doesn't feel right, switch. A sub-optimal blade/razor/face combo will not improve with time. JMHO.

    Welcome. Learn. Enjoy!
  12. Feather and Astra are my favorite blades thus far, and also like the 7AMs (though I've not tried a whole lot of blades to be honest). I started with the Merkur blades as my first DE razor was a 34c and they came with it, and I continued buying them until wised up and I got a sampler pack. I still like the Merkur Super blades, they are just not a go to or favorite. as everyone's mentioned, blade preference is very subjective

    and my Feather AS-D1 just arrived today in fact! Have yet to shave with it, but I am anticipating it tremendously!
    <boyish giggle>
  13. For how good the Merkur Razors are ... their blades are at the other end of the spectrum. In my opinion ... I'd put them next to the Walmart Wilkinsons which are also made in Germany and are just as bad ... of course YMMV
  14. Sampler pack is the way to go. Blades seem to be a personal matter; what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. Trolling through the posts will yield multiple different 'favorite blades' by different users. There seem to be certain universal opinions though, including mine, that is Astra SP are a great product for the price.
  15. Astra SPs are good choice.

  16. kmiller:
    I too think it was wise and sage advice to get a Razor Blade Sampler (, so that you'll see what blade would be a good fit (mild, moderate & aggressive, ect...), for your face and razor (my 'go-to' blade is Shark SC) .

    [​IMG] "Don't worry about the [cuts, weepers and] nicks and pick up your life...forget all the bad things, the pain and the strife". Author Unknown
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  17. I'm pretty new to wet shaving and I have only tried two blades the first was the Merkur DE blade that came with my Merkur 23c safety razor. The first shave was ok but the second was rough with this blade. The second blade I tried was the Astra and got a BBS shave with it on the first run. Ill post again after my next shave with this razor and let you know how it goes. Think I will try a feather next.

    Picked up this sampler on Amazon:
  18. I am glad I have B&B. I was going to pick up a pack of Wilkersons at Walmart while I am waiting on my sampler pack to get here. I think it's fair to say that everyone hates these. I haven't seen a good word about them yet.
  19. I found Merkur's blades to be one of the more inefficient blades on the market; pretty much tied with Dorco blades. The blades I use and quite like are Astra Superior Premium Platinum (@ $10/100 in the Rain Forest: Amazon); and Persona's Surgical Prep blade that I buy from Robbins Instruments @ $55/250. For the money, I feel that Astra's SPP blade is the best on the market, at least for me.
  20. I've never had a good shave with a Merkur blade. Blades that have worked well for me echo other's sentiments: Astra SP, Personna Red, Feather and to some extent Derby (at least in my Merkurs). When I obtain a new razor I always try it first with an Astra or Personna-pretty safe bet.

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