Blade Replacement: Keeping Track of number of shaves

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  1. Howdy,
    This will sound like a 'Helpful Tips" item in a handyman magazine or something, but....
    I wanted to begin regularly replacing my blade and not waiting for an unpleasant shave to remind me. I kept forgetting how many shaves into a blade I was. I now set my razor in my shave bowl at noon (pointing up) after replacing a blade. After the first shave I set it in the bowl pointing at 3 o'clock, then 6 then 9. After three shaves I replace the blade and start again.

    This is so rudimentary I almost hate to mention it, but it's working for me and wanted to share.

    Have yourself a wonderful weekend,
  2. I replace the blade every 3 to 4 shaves. I keep track by saving the paper that the razor was rapped in. The wrapper has 4 folds, I just tear a fold off after each shave. Works great!
  3. Or, since blades are cheap and I like them sharp, I just use the two and out rule. If your razor has not blade in it, put a fresh one in and use it, set the razor aside when you are done. If your razor has a blade in it already, this means you are shaving for the second time on that blade, simply discard it after the shave. And so on.
  4. Hmm, two shaves per blade, eh? Well, my 100 pk of derby's arrive today. At 0.09 per blade I might be able to swing that. Lesse, roughly four shaves a week, so two blades per week. 52 weeks/yr. I dunno.... nine bucks for a years worth of blades? Sure why not.:001_smile
  5. It's not economics with me, I would toss a blade after the first shave if I had to. I just find the 2nd and 3rd shaves are more comfortable then the first shave with a blade. I would not do a third shave with a blade if it felt like the first.
  6. Since I can only shave with one razor at a time, I only load one razor with a blade. I use it three times and then toss it. I don't need a visual aid because I can just remember that it's the second shave or the third shave, or whatever. It doesn't seem that complex to me.
  7. tjm


    My 2nd shave I can definitely tell theres some sharpness lost (my face sprouts copper wires). I try to go at least three shaves per blade, but it gets uncomfortable past that. I've tried only using one side at a time, so I can get six shaves out of it, but thats tough to track; anyone have a tip for that?
  8. I seem to be settling into replacing the blade on Saturday evening (my only weekend shave if the routine is in place) and Wednesday morning. Since I am shaving six days a week and that easily divides into three shaves per blade... well it makes it pretty simple to remember.
  9. I do something similar. I shave every other day so I replace the blade every weekend. That way I'm getting the freshest blade closest to Monday. So, if I'm shaving on a Sunday, it's a fresh blade. I'll use that blade on Tues & Thurs, but get a fresh one on Saturday. Use that blade on Mon, Wed & Fri. New blade on Sunday, etc.

    I guess all I'm saying is that I refresh the blade on the weekend and typically get 3-4 shaves per blade. No wrappers, no cardinal directions, just an easy Sat./Sun. it's the weekend thing.
  10. chuckman

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    I use an antique white game dice (I think it is real ivory) and rotate it to match the number of shave I have just completed.........Kind of look neat on the aftershave shelf.
    I do only use a blade 4 times and then it's gone!
  11. I am probably some kind of freak, but I have this strange ability to think to myself and remember simple facts. So I might change a blade on Sunday and think - I need to put a new blade in on Wednesday. Weired thing is (and please dont share this in case they are watching...) come Wednesday I remember.....can you believe that ???? Freaks me too I can tell you :online2long:
  12. I have so many blades that I just toss when I want to use a different one. Sometimes it is after 1 shave, sometimes it is after 6.
  13. Precisely. That's what I was trying to say in my post.

    Although it seems that my powers go every beyond yours! I don't think in terms of "I need to change the blade on Tuesday," or whatever. I actually think "this is my second shave on this blade!"

    I think I may have a gift.:smartass:
  14. I bought a pack of Casino Dice and use them. One die is next to each razor and facing me with the number of shaves the blade has on it. When the razor is empty, I flip the die to #6. If I put a blade in and not have used it yet, the die goes to a #5. I have never gone past #4 for a shave and rarely past #3. The dice on the shel look nice as well. I have 5 dice scattered on the shelves with three of them next to the three razors I use in rotation.
  15. Thanks for the tips! I like your system.
    I was using my blades twice and flipping the blade in the razor to display the numbered corners on the blade. If 3 and 4 were facing up, I was on my second shave. Thus far, it has worked.
  16. I may use 6 to 8 different brands of blades at a time.

    To keep track of how many shaves are on each blade I have 6 opened blade wrappers with 1 through 6 written on them. When I finish shaving with a blade I move it down to the next numbered wrapper until it gets to the end at #6 (6 shaves). Some blades don't make it all the way to 6 shaves and some get used again and again and stay on #6 for days before they are 86ed

  17. I replace my blades every three shaves. If a blade is in the razor and I can't remember if I replaced it last time or not, I toss it and start anew (for the most part I remember).
  18. As long as it works for you that's great. Good for you.

    I just use regular dice, one die by each razor starting at 1 and up to 4 or sometimes 5. Then I replace the blade and start over.
  19. i use a red permanent sharpie and draw a little red dot on the blade - one after each of the first and second shave. After the thurd shave; out she goes.
  20. I toss the blade every other shave. If a blade is already in the razor when I go to use it, it means shave #2 and it gets tossed afterwards. I get my best shaves out of the first two uses anyway. With my memory I wouldn't remember which position the razor was in when I picked it up.
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