Blade not centered. How to fix?

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  1. Got one with the toe close to one side of scales. Can it be fixed without unpinning? Do I peen at the tang end to try to move it? what side do I peen to try and bring it back over? Whats the meaning of life? Why are we here? Will I ever get a w&B F.B.U?
  2. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    You can peen it to do that a little, but depending on how much it's off it might be best to unpin
  3. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    You have to flex the scales one way as you peen the pivot, although i guess you could peen the wedge side's hard to explain, but you want to move the scales in opposite directions to fix the off centeredness. GL
  4. thank. Will try not to make it worse.

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