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  1. I've had black heads on mainly my nose for the last 10 years, I've tried regular exfoliating, cleansing/toning and the other areas around my face are clear, I've really hit a brick wall with it.

    My skin is not super oily, and it isn't dry either, but my nose always seems oilier than the rest of my face.

    Has anyone out there come across a solution that works :(

    Embarrassing that my face grew out of pimples but I m still plauged by these.

    Any help/suggestions is apreciated.
  2. Have you tried St Ives? I think they have one for blackheads specifically.
  3. Wash your face a couple of times of day with a sensitive soap like Cetaphil. Then, use a moisturizer (this keeps oil build up in check). The last time you wash you face get a piece of alum and rub your nose good with it. Rinse with gold water and rub witch hazel on it. This has worked for me.
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    Go to a dermatologist, they normally can prescribe you some good stuff. If you go see if you can get a hold of Epiduo, it is Adapalene mixed with Benzoyl Peroxide. Essentially it is an all in one cream, that will almost definitely get rid of blackheads.
    The cream is not cheap though because Adapalene is a retinoid, however you use such a tiny amount (even less if it is just your nose), one tube should last you way over a year.
    I used this stuff for a while, and when combined with a good moisturizer it is incredibly effective.

    Edit: Just took this off the manufacturers website:
    Benzoyl peroxide is one of the two effective ingredients in Epiduo[SUP]®[/SUP] Gel. It kills the bacteria that cause breakouts.
    Adapalene is a type of retinoid, and the other ingredient in Epiduo[SUP]®[/SUP] Gel. It unclogs blocked pores.

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  5. its when you got blackheads in your THATS annoying..hehe..goes away in a few biggie.
  6. Thanks for some of the suggestions guys, to go to a dermatologist off the street here is roughly $200 new Zealand dollars, I would have to get a referral from a doctor to get it cheaper, I guess I didn't see it as a type of problem that I would t need to see a dermatologist about, was hoping there would be an "off the shelf" product people had success with.

    Some good suggestions though please keep them coming, there has to be more products and methods to help with this kind of thing.
  7. While it won't prevent blackheads (regular washing and healthy eating is your best bet), there is a product that does a great job removing them. It's from Biore and it's basically a type of tape that you wet, apply to the nose (they also make shapes good for the forehead, chin, etc), let it dry and when you slowly remove, it pulls all the gunk out of the blackhead. Very effective and kind of cool:
  8. Thanks but I've tried those pore cleaning strips and there rubbish! My blackheads seem greasey and the plugs don't get pulled out by them, in the health side, I eat extremely well and am very fit, exercise every day etc.

    Might have to take Profs advice and see a doctor.
  9. My skin cancer Dr. prescribed Tretinoin 0.025 % cream when I asked how to get rid of the blackheads on my nose. Really does work.
  10. I have the exact same issue as the OP. Hadn't thought of trying a moisturizer as it seems counterintuitive... anything's worth a try though.
  11. have you considered sauna?? I find that after a sauna I can take a perfectly clean white towel and wipe nastiness off my body/face with it, even if I had just showered before the sauna... I find that it helps me a good bit.
  12. Some interesting ideas about the oil, don't have any castor oil in the cupboard, got some olive oil though.

    I wash with dove 1/4 moisturizing soap, and I don't scrub my nose hard with it.
  13. I wouldn't bother without the castor oil. It's the cleaner. The other oil is just there as a carrier/moisturizer.
  14. One interesting idea I read:
    I haven't tried it yet. Personally I just lather over my nose when I shave. Seems to cut down the blocked pores quite a bit.
  15. Definitely gona try this oil trick, would I do it after getting out the shower I.e after I've washed my face?
  16. I've always had a nose full of blackheads, clean them out and they come right back.
  17. The "oil trick" IS washing your face. No soap needed. I massage the oil in before getting into the shower, and let the steam of the shower take the place of all the hot towel stuff. Just easier and less mess for me. I rinse my face well at the end of the shower, and then after the shower I don't wipe or dry the area I'm going to shave. Can consider the oil as pre-shave if you want.
  18. Tretinoin, Retin-A, Differin....all prescription topical creams/gels. You should be able to get it any of these from your regular Dr.
  19. Me too. I've read that genetics have a great deal to do with pore-size and blackhead prevalence. I just wash them and try to make sure they don't get crazy out of control.
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