BlackFriday Den clearout : Cream,Soap,bowl and brush

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  1. Happy thanksgiving to everyone in the USA..Cleaning out the shave den of things I don't use. All barely used, Some only used once. Never with fingers...
    Taylor of Bond St. Shaving shop 150gram $12 SOLD
    Trumpers : Sandalwood 200g $27 $25SOLD
    Speick Men $5SOLD

    Trumpers lime shaving soap in mahogany wood bowl. $30$28SOLD

    Dirty Bird shaving bowl.. in brown glaze
    I purchased as a set with a brush scuttle but I'm an avid face latherer so Ive never used. $10 SOLD

    Unknown brand and unused boars hair brush . Tips are nice and soft with strong backbone $5 SOLD
    All prices shipped in CONUS . save on combined shipping :001_smile
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  2. PM Sent on TOBS
  3. PM sent on the bowl and brush.
  4. TOBS, and Bowl SOLD ... Thanks :thumbup1:
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  5. Does the Trumpers lime shaving soap contain tallow?
  6. Not sure? but it's not brand new, so possibly ?? I don't have the box and the Trumpers website doesn't list ingredients... However it's a quality soap. I have another that's why I'm selling...
  7. Man all those shaving shop tubs go fast...
  8. Only one has sold so far >>>>

    The rest still for sale :thumbup: Price reduction sale
  9. PM sent on the Brush, the Speick, and the Trumper's Sandalwood creme.

    Thanks for the great sale!
  10. 4 down 1 to go.. No takers for the barely used Trumpers bowl of limes brand new it $36 ++ shipping :001_smile
  11. PM sent on the LImes.
  12. All sold or pending .. thanks all and the BST:thumbup:
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