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Discussion in 'The Clown House' started by BigFoot, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. BigFoot

    BigFoot Moderator Contributor

    I thought I would post this thread, we were talking about this today at work. I thought it might open some interesting discussion.

    The year was 1983 I was 17 years old and me and a buddy were out coon hunting. We were in the river bottoms of the Wapsipinnicon River near Massilon IA. We were hunting with a pair of Walkers a 6 year old male and his two year old daughter. The Male was a superb dog and the female was coming along nicely.

    We were sitting in a heavy grove of Evergreens when the female yelped so we new she was on the trail of something. My buddy who owned the dogs said he was going to start moving toward her, I said I would stay put in case the other dog treed somewhere else. It was probably 10 minutes later and she started barking way down the river so I figured cool she has got a coon treed.

    I just sat there listening to her bark and also listening for the other dog. All of a sudden I heard this unexplainable sound, it almost sounded like a whoop, howl. I may have been young but I grew up in those woods and I have never heard anything like it. I can still remember the hair literaly standing up on the back of my neck.

    Even at night the woods are never silent but after this sound you could have heard a pin drop. Even the female stopped barking. I was literaly paralyzed with fear. It was not 30 seconds later I heard a crashing in the brush and something charging right for me. I was armed with a .22 magnum, but that did not give me much comfort. The object that was charging toward me burst out of the brush, it was the male Walker. He ran right up to me circled me once forced his way between my legs, stuck his tale between his legs and stood there and shook.

    My buddy and I were going to meet back at the truck at a designated time so I headed that way a bit early. That dog never left my side. When we got to the truck he about knocked me down in his haste to kennel. When my buddy got to the truck over an hour later I told him what happened. He never heard a thing but new something was wrong because his other dog was scared as well.

    That weekend myself and 2 other guys took the boat up river to our favorite pond where we were always guaranteed to pick up some woodies. It was still dark and we were tying up the boat and heard that same sound. We did not duck hunt that day. We put the hammer down on the boat and got the hell out of there.

    I know you all will laugh and think I am crazy but I have never forgotten those two occasions, nor have I ever heard anything like that again. Ever since that night I have been facinated with Bigfoot. A couple of years ago I found a website called the Bigfoot field research organization. They have recordings on there of possible Bigfoot vocalizations.

    This is right on the money of what I heard.
  2. Interesting stories and this fascinates me also.

    1978 we had reports of Bigfoot here in North Alabama, I was eight years old and can remember looking at VERY large footprints in a neighbors chickenhouse.
    Another story locally from the same time period involved a guy whom I know who was parking with a date on an old abandoned dirt road who to this day swears he saw a sasquatch that evening. Locals still call that road "Bigfoot Road" because a number of people claimed an encounter there.

    Cryptozoology is interesting indeed.
  3. kreepy,but fiction after all these years no one has ever found one dead or alive
  4. I have an uncle who lives in Eureka, California. He claims one crossed a logging road in front of him as he driving out of the forest at dusk.

  5. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    I was once bitten by a chupacabra.
  6. I would fudge my undies if I was out in the woods and heard a sound like that.
  7. DSB


    Oh, sorry, that was me. My bad.
  8. We have those nasty, vile, wicked creatures here in Texas.:lol:

  9. that explains it.

    Every so often something new or something we thought lost for years turns up on a thick forest someplace.
  10. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    In the deep ocean, or in a remote forest in the middle of nowhere, sure. Continental united states? I don't think so.

    We're not talking a new species of frog here, something small that most people wouldnt notice.

    There is nothing that can convince me, short of a body, that there is a breeding population of large apeman running about in the woods when there is 0 evidence to confirm (eyewitness testimony is interesting, but not evidence. Im talking actual evidence here). How many hunters roam about the states that would shoot one if seen, how many people have gone hiking in the forest and never stumbled across one that has died of natural causes, how many of every other animal has been hit by a truck crossing a road - but never a big foot has been found.

    Seriously guys, this is like the easter bunny - awesome story, very cool folklore, but as fictional as the tooth fairy.
  11. The skeptic in me is disinclined to believe in big foot but I want to believe. Maybe they have a commune in the appalachians.
  12. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    Interesting that this thread has started not long after the Ghost Hunters one went up. The paranormal and cryptozoological must be in the air! I don't believe in bigfoot, but I think that the people who do believe are worth thinking about. Just like the Ghost Hunters, their passion and devotion are fascinating. There are many people who feel very strongly about their experiences and i can respect that.
  13. There is a tenured biology professor at the nearby Univ of Idaho who is always appearing on Monster Quest and similar shows as a supporter of the existence of Bigfoot.
    Whenever I meet a faculty member from there I ask if they know him-invariably, before I can get his whole name out they cut me off, expressing their embarrassment of his very existence and sometimes saying that he is the best argument again tenure!!
  14. I agree with this post. Not trying to knock or discount Scott's OP, but I believe if there were such a creature, it would have been found by now. I also think about all the motion sensor game camera's that hunters have mounted to trees to see what wildlife are in the area. It seems that one of these cameras would have taken a convincing photograph by now.

  15. I want to believe. I do. On the one hand:

    1. The habitat is vast, as is the food supply. It's possible.
    2. Tons of sightings
    3. Recent evidence found in China regarding fur and DNA samples is very interesting.

    On the other hand:

    1. Too many claims are faked
    2. Not enough people who see the creature DOCUMENT it (hunters and "backwoods" people who never take pictures or videos)
    3. These creatures need to breed, especially if Bigfoot is (or is a descendant of) Gigantopithecus. To be around this long, a healthy breeding stock is needed or they would've died out long ago.
  16. Disclaimer: I completely agree with you guys from a purely scientific perspective.
    However, I like a quote from a movie I heard a while back; "Humans, just because we can solve a few mathematical equations, we think we know what is and isn't possible".
    I'm not personally an alien, ghost, or even a bigfoot believer, but I do know that things continue to occur that we can't explain, creatures exist that we are clueless about, and thinking we have the answer to everything is foolish. Things we know to be impossible are constantly occurring around us, and there is a chance, even if it is nearly 0, that bigfoot exists. I look forward to the day when these, and other mysteries, are explained in a way that we can all understand. For example, the chupacabra sightings have all but been explained by animals bloating in the sun, and canines/vuples with mange.
  17. I don't want to derail the thread too much, but I think you hit on an important point there. Particularly if you look at aliens, who are we to say they don't exist? Claims have been faked, but how sure can we possibly be that "we're the only ones?" Seriously?

    Space is vast. Incredibly vast. To paraphrase the movie "Contact," if we're the only ones, what a massive waste of space! I personally believe it is incredibly arrogant of us as a species to say that there is absolutely no chance of intelligent life outside this planet.

    With that said though, I am a believer, and I also believe in alien visitations here. I believe evidence has been suppressed and an attitude of skepticism encouraged....because it would be a SHATTERING revelation if it came out. People of various religions would be forced to soul-search or redefine their beliefs to fit the revelation. Worldwide, our lives would change in an instant. There's a chance there could be mass hysteria. Not to mention what would happen on a geopolitical level if it came out that the US and Russia have gleaned technology from alien diplomacy or from salvaged wreckage.

    So there's a case to be made for a keeping a skeptic public in the status quo. ;)
  18. There's a big foot show on history right now.
  19. Wait a minute, what are you saying about the Easter bunny?

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