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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by over5feet, May 7, 2010.

  1. That's it all done, first one out of the way:thumbup:
    So with the stereo blasting (so the wife could not hear my screams for help) I set about my first shave with a DE and more so my Futur loaded with Personna Platinum balade (thanks for the advice all:thumbup1:) mixed what I have to say my finest lather English Fern by Penhaligons (in a bowl) wetted my face. Then lathered and cracked out my futur set on just below 1 and 10-15 mins later OH MY GOD smoother than new born skin and not a nick or any blood loss and now feeling like a new man and just wondering how far a M3 will fly as I going to stand in my garden and give it one big throw for all those years of rip and tear it put me through... But one last thing big thanks to all on here for the love and support
  2. That's what we like to hear. Welcome, and imagine this: It get's better.
  3. Congratulations! :thumbup:

    Next time try it without the stereo....the sound of a DE mowing down stubble is very satisfying :001_smile
  4. +1!:thumbup1:I love that sound!
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    Atta boy! that's the spirit. Now tell the world. Traditional wet shaving is the best!
  6. Great job! Keep coming back here for anything you need:001_smile
  7. Glad to hear you decided to try the Futur - sounds like you had a great shave :thumbup1:
  8. Nice one Michael. Have faith in your gear and you'll get great shaves. Keep it up and you'll soon be getting effortless, painless and top class shaves every time. It's not too difficult to do but requires a bit of time and patience.

    Now the fun begins! There's a whole other world of shaving products out there you could only begin to imagine.

    All the best ...........
  9. That's just wonderful :w00t: I'm glad to hear you went with the Personna blades thumbup1:instead of the Merkur's:thumbdown: They were the first blades I used also. A whole new world just opened up for you. Enjoy the ride:biggrin1:
  10. Can only echo all that's been said. Get that first DE shave over and it's heaven all the way!

  11. Thanks Mick got a 1950s SS on way as for a guy on here called Erwin nice guy so that will be nice to try as well. One last question to all how long do you keep the blades in for 1,2,3, shaves????
  12. Good on you michael, shaving should ALWAYS be enjoyed and not endured, as for blade longevity play it by ear some blades last longer than others and it depends on the toughness of your beard, generally aim for about 4 or 5 shaves but if you feel the blade start to tug a bit then stop and change it straight away even if it is in the middle of your shave.
  13. 3 is my limit for my preferred blades, usually 2. Since the blades cost me .15 (US) each, I don't mind too much as I am still spending less in one month than what I used to spend for one Mach 3 cartridge which lasted 1 week.:w00t:
  14. Thanks for that I was thinking 2 shaves as the blades are as cheap as chips, Just waiting for another days growth to have another go
  15. What the guys said really. 3 shaves or so. I guess it comes down to how tough your beard is overall. 3-5 shaves for most blades.

    As you pointed out. Compared to cartridges the blades are ridiculously cheap so you can afford to change them out before they get blunt and start to drag. My own personal stash of blades currently stands at around 1000 blades and around 20 different types so I can mix and match as I please. Again, that's all part of the fun.

    Congrats on the 50s SuperSpeed btw. I also have a 1957 RedTip SuperSpeed winging it's way to me from a fellow member in the US.

    You might want to consider getting a birthday razor. I got a nice 1974 SuperSpeed and some 1974 Gillette SuperSilver blades for those extra special shaves. Is it any better than my Edwin Jagger DE89L? Probably not but it's a nice nostalgic piece :001_smile
  16. Hey Mick Thanks sounds like we have a lot in common but the next thing I will buy will be a straight razor as I had one a few moons ago and the same one has come up for sale but the pennies are a little tight at the mow shame because the Three Kings for sale is a bargain for such a cracking blade but have no cash at the mo.. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Futur is a great choice. I love the weight and feel of it.
  18. I will tell you so far my futur feels like a queen, The weight and stream line body what could be better. And my my face feels like its been kissed by Angels
  19. +1 and that sound will also help you learn what direction works best on each part of your face!
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    Congrats! Glad your first one went well.

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