BIG SALE: Brushes, Razors, Creams, Soaps, etc. - some hidden gems

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    Make your own shaving kit and save! Or buy them all ... If you are like me or other B&B members, you know that eventually you will try everything below, so you might as well buy them all, save on shipping and be busy for a while trying new things :smile:


    Muhle travel tube for brush - still available for $5

    SOLD Vulfix 2234 Super Badger Brush, used twice, looks new
    22mm knot, 50mm loft, 100mm tall
    includes Muhle travel tube ($5 value) <--- still available
    great home or travel brush

    SOLD Men-U Premier Synthetic Brush, new in box
    black handle, chrome brush stand
    includes sample Men-U shaving cream tube
    makes for a great travel brush

    SOLD Men-U Barbiere Boar brush, new in box
    black handle, black plastic brush stand
    includes sample Men-U shaving cream tube
    can be used as a great travel brush


    Gillette Tech fat handle
    very good condition, very minor signs of wear, fine scratches on the head and
    some wear on the handle if one pays close attention
    with extra ball end handle in excellent condition
    add $8

    SOLD Gillette Tech ball end handle, code D1 (1958, 1st quarter)
    very good to excellent condition, very minor scratches on head
    etched Gillette logo on head

    SOLD Merkur 23c (180) long handle, new in box

    TRADED 20 Merkur blades (2 packs x 10 each)


    SOLD Provence Sante Verlaine shaving cream tube, new
    brush or brushless
    shea butter leaves skin very soft

    SOLD Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap
    with original ceramic bowl and box, used twice
    bowl is brand new, never used
    great classic tallow soap

    SOLD Omega shaving soap by Proraso
    in black plastic bowl, used once

    SOLD Irisch Moos shaving stick, new in box
    no need for any details here, a classic that will go fast!

    SOLD Irisch Moos shaving stick, used a few times
    no need for any details here, a classic that will go fast!

    SOLD Arko shaving stick, new

    SOLD Ogallala Bay Rum & Sandalwood Shaving Soap Stick
    used once, shea butter leaves skin very soft


    Men-U Matt Moisturizer 3.3oz, new
    Up to 120 applications. Oil free, fragrance free with sebum absorbers to absorb the oil produced by your skin throughout the day. Light, quickly absorbed formula moisturizes and dries to a matt finish (never shiny!).

    SOLD Edwin Jagger After Shave Lotion/Balm 100ml, new
    Sandalwood scent, very nice
    dries clean, non-shinny


    The following are free with purchase of at least 2 items above. You may request only 1 free item to give a chance to more members to try them. List your order of preference as some free items may no longer be available.

    Every Man Jack (EMJ) face wash/shave prep, fragrance free, sensitive skin
    FREE w/ purchase

    Portico Eucalyptus Body Wash sample
    FREE w/ purchase

    GIFTED D'Amaris by Colgate-Palmolive shaving cream tube, European
    FREE w/ purchase

    GIFTED Shift by Men Essentials pre-shave oil
    FREE w/ purchase

    GIFTED Williams shaving soap
    FREE w/ purchase

    GIFTED Nivea shaving cream tube, European
    FREE w/ purchase

    GIFTED Palmolive Classic shaving cream tube, German
    FREE w/ purchase


    Any purchase over $111 gets 10&#37; OFF and FREE shipping.

    Shipping: Depending on the items purchased I may be able to offer free shipping, or split shipping costs with the buyer. I am not interested in profiting in any way from shipping, but we have to make it fair for both the buyer and seller. Contact me and I will not let the shipping costs get in the way of a deal.

    Payment: Paypal, personal (gift or payment owed). If you would like to use a credit card, you cover any Paypal fees.

    NOTE: Not all items above appear in the photo below. Please contact me if you need details on specific items or detailed photos.
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  2. PMing you on the Arko and
    Ogallala Bay Rum & Sandalwood

    Free item:
    Palmolive Classic shaving cream

    paypal sent, thank you sir!
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  3. Pm on the NIB Moos
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  4. WOW! That is a lot of good stuff in there.

    Are you giving up wet shaving or is this just semi-annual AD Clearance Sale?:lol:
  5. Is that Merkur 198 for sale too?
  6. That was sold before I had a chance to even post the thread. I didn't bother to take another photo. Sorry.
  7. Not giving up. I bought a bunch of stuff to try, picked my favorites now I'm trying to recover some of the expenses (huge expenses, damn addiction!).
  8. Glad to hear! I am in the process of doing the same thing.
  9. Rats! I so wanted to get my hands on one of those Irisch Moos soaps :sad: Oh well, maybe next time. Nice bunch of items you are selling, anyway.
  10. pm on 2234
  11. PM sent sent on Provence Sante Verlaine shaving cream tube
  12. Most of the stuff is sold. I got flooded with requests for the IM sticks. Next time I'll make sure I have a truck load of them!

    I'm surprised the Gillette Tech razors are still available, they really are nice razors for a beginner, I wish someone pointed them out to me before I started with a Merkur HD! They would make a great starter kit with either the Vulfix or Men-U brushes. I guess I need to make a thread just for them so it's more obvious to beginners.

    Thanks to all buyers for your payments, the packages are going out on Monday.

    And thanks B&B for providing the marketplace!
  13. PM sent regarding the Men-U brush.
  14. No newbies interested in a nice Gillette Tech paired with a fine Vulfix brush then finished off with some Men-U aftershave? This would make a great starter kit.
  15. I'm closing this thread as most of the stuff is sold, but if you're still interested the following are available:

    Gillette Tech fat handle + extra ball end handle

    Muhle Travel Tube for Brush

    Men-U Matt Moisturizer/Aftershave

    eShave White Tea Moisturizer/Aftershave with Shea Butter

    a couple of free items

    I'll probably start a new thread and add more items.

  16. Dear Slather,
    Your "Shipping, Payment, And Discounts" logistics, in my opinion, are well written and should be made into a sticky as "The Gentleman's Way to Sell on the BST".

    With respect,
  17. Men-U brush and shave cream arrived today. Brush looks great! Looking forward to trying it out in the AM.

    Thanks, Slather!

    Thanks, B&B!
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  18. Slather,

    Got my Men-u brush, omega, and freebie yesterday. Good lord man, talk about some quick shipping! I was surprised when the mailman knocked on the door with the package. Nicely packaged, quick delivery, and everything was in great condition! Pleasure doing business with ya :thumbup1:

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