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  1. For those of us living in the US the drop in the Euro/Dollar exchange rate means real savings. Over the last 12 months the Euro has fallen from ~$1.45 to $1.24. For example, 2 jars of MdC (including shipping) cost 81,70 €, which last year translated into $118.47 or $59.23 each. Now that's dropped to $101.31 or $50.65 each. Ordering a Plisson Size 14 HMW brush directly from the factory (including shipping) is 256.11 €. A year ago that was $371.36 and it's now $317.58. I've used some rather pricy products for these examples but if you fill your cart at a favored EuroZone vendor (including those that sell other than shaving supplies) you'll realize the same 14.5% price drop. For those shopping at UK vendors the Pound has only come down about 5.5% in the same period.
  2. I noticed this as well. has some great prices right now.
  3. Is this the time to buy, or will this trend continue? Also, how much should a 35 year old vest in his 401K vs. pens and shaving goods? :tongue_sm
  4. The answers to these questions will cost you big $$$$. I'll send you a paypal invoice, then we can talk.:yikes::a21:
  5. The talking heads on one of the cable news shows said that with the economies of the Mediterranean countries imploding, one could eventually expect the US Dollar and Euro to be on a 1:1 trade rate.

    Of course, that is just a bunch of talking heads on tv. Who knows what will really happen.
  6. Nuts, I knew you were going to say that.
  7. That would be the time to buy...
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    If Greece dumps the euro it will cause a chain reaction ,and you can look for even greater savings,but those savings may be short lived,the world bank,IMF ,the "federal" reserve are all intertwined,and the whole planet may suffer...
  9. long as we can purchase MdC at a better price, that is all that matters....
  10. I'm still waiting for the price of my 28 mm d01 three band to come closer to "reasonable." I'm into financial news now :tongue_sm

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