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  1. Was at a Walgreen's the other day, looking for something new in the shave aisle, when I saw 2 bags of Bic Metal disposable razors. I had never seen them before, and since they are single blade, I decided to give them a try.

    They are really basic single blade disposables with a metal guard bar across the front. Very thin design, I don't have a goatee or mustache but the super thin head would be perfect for trimming.

    I have shaved with a Rolls Razor, Superspeed, Tech, Gem, Schick, and all the new ones too...Fusion, Quattro, Sensor, Mach 3. I would say that the Bic Metal razor out-shaves any new razor hands down, and (this is going to sound crazy) is a close second to my DE razors!? Crazy. What gives?

    Now I know this may only last one shave (I just tried it) but I was stunned by the closeness of the shave and lack of irritation. There is something else's the way this razor feels on your face, hard to describe but there is something about it that feels really good. This coming from a guy that loves heavy razors, I just prefer a hefty razor in my hand.

    Maybe it's the metal bar guard or the fact that it is so thin and can be maneuvered anywhere on your face with ease, I'm not sure what it is, but this cheap, disposable, lightweight, plastic with a tiny bit of metal-razor just works!

    Anyone else here ever try one?
  2. They are decent razors for a disposable. They are the ones I take when flying anywhere. Can't be bothered with all the faff of DE blades on planes these days.

  3. The Bic Metal is my preferred travel razor. Good shaver and no great loss if you leave it behind in a hotel room.
  4. I have been hoping to stumble upon these somewhere to try as travel razors. I travelled last year but had a checked bag so bringing DE bladess was not a big deal. (Although I was pulled aside in Security so they could check that the DE razor in my carry-on wasn't loaded). In the future, with the airlines charging for bags I can see myself traveling with a rolling carry-on which would make bringing DE blades much more difficult.
  5. They are pretty good razors for a disposable.

    Using them or the BIC Sensitive I got DFS.

    Nice as a travel razor.
  6. BIC Metals were my "training wheels" when I started this shaving thing, before I bought a DE. I shaved with them for about 2 months learning my razor technique. The lighter weight really requires you to use no pressure and to get the angle right.

    They are very good razors, period, and the best disposable out there. Much
    better than the BIC disposable, sensitive or regular. And of course great for travel.

    Fiesta supermarkets are about the only place to find them around here any more, but I think I recently saw them again at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  7. I actually prefer the sensitive over the metal. the metal bar tended to stretch my skin and gave me a couple ingrowns. I would suggest using a very light touch if you try the metal.
  8. +1
  9. I thought that they were discontinued. Nice score. I have been stashing my last five and only use them to clear out the ear hair. The slim head and bar work out great for that purpose. Too much information I know, but don't knock it until you try it.
  10. Same here, and they are still my preferred travel razor for short trips
  11. Bic metals were the only disposable that i could get decent results from consistantly. They are almost impossible to clog.

    Ha... In the long run, they would have been the least expensive way to go... This saving money thing doesn't work when you start picking up every new DE out there and any old one that you come across.
  12. Where do people get these today? I thought they were discontinued, and eBay sellers want too much.
  13. I swear I'm not a tree hugger or anything....but I do hate the idea of ALL the shaving related plastic crap that will be in our landfills or washing up on the beaches for the next.....bazillion years?? .....:(

    Sorry, didn't mean to be a downer.:001_unsur
  14. Don't worry, the Earth wanted plastic...

  15. really? I had the exact opposite. The plastic of the sensitives would irritate my face... not to mention the size of the head is just unnecessary
    Bic Metals are my go to razor.... until I can find the right DE
  16. I've found them at Christmas Tree Shops and Big Lots in my area... but yes, they are difficult to find for some reason...
  17. I wondered what the selling points are. This medical supply site lists the features:


    Seems to have been around a while, according to these commercials:

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  18. Nice videoes.

    My local bed bath and beyond had a big stash -- $2.10/pack. IMO these disposables provide as nice a shave as de blades and razors. Considering a permament switch once my de blades are depleted.
  19. I'll provide the forwarding address for your DE razors.:wink2:
  20. Having tried Dorco/Atra (Dollar General), Trac II, Schick Xtreme, BIC Sensitive and, of course, Gillette Sensor, I find BIC Metal to be the best answer for a travel razor.

    I can only find them online, Swanson Vitamins and Amazon are my best sources.

    Besides, what else can you buy that you really like that's made in Greece (excluding olive oil)?

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