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  1. Tomorrow is it the Bic Chrome Platinum's turn from the sample pack. I have read mixed reviews on B&B for this blade, so I am curious as to how my own experience will come out.
  2. In my experience these are solid,sharp blades that are definitely worth the money. They are very similar in the way they shave for me to red personnas and Astra blue Super stainless.YMMV enjoy the shave and let us know how they worked out for you including which razor you used them in.
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    Aaaaaah! I am a determined fan of Bic blades. Much too underrated (or ignored?) IMHO. I am a staple user and think they are superb value-for-money. Always consistent in quality and generally available from a range of vendors at a reasonable price.

    No, they aren't English Gillette Plats, but they are go-to blades for the money.
  4. I liked them enough to buy 100. For $14 shipped I think they are worth every penny. They've been consistently good in any razor I've put them in.
  5. As much as I wanted to like them, I just couldn't do it. I tried three blades from two different packages. They were very tuggy for me and left me with a bunch of irritation. I didn't make it through a shave with any of them.
  6. I find this surprising, because I, too, think these are pretty good blades. VERY smooth on the second pass. Maybe not as sharp as my Feathers or Kais for the first pass, but a nice blade, nonetheless.
  7. Just tried these for the first time this morning. They were a little bit tuggy (not the sharpest) compared to my usual Astra SP, but they weren't terrible. I'm not ready to write them off yet, they seem like they could have potential.
  8. Ok, I am done and here's my report:

    Bic Chrome Platinum
    Gillette SS Blue Tip
    Bigelow cream

    I found the blades to be very smooth. I could tell a difference between them and the Astra Superior Platinum's that I used previously from my sampler. I heard a good cutting sound, but did not feel any tugging as I did from the Astra's. I got a couple of weepers on the neck, but I think that is more due to driver error than the blade. I am still not the best on the neck, most especially the right side for some reason. So, I don't want to dismiss the Bic's for cutting me up just yet. But, they were a dream on the face. As I said, no tugging nor pulling that I recall. I was pretty happy with them after two passes, but I went for a third as I had not shaved in a couple of days.

    Tomorrow it is time for the EJ89 to get a turn with the Bic's.
  9. thanks for letting us know how you got on, i definitely agree they are not as smooth as the astra sp. Good blades nevertheless.
  10. Maybe my description was confusing, but I was trying to say that they are smoother than Astra's IMO.
  11. Im a newbie here (only 21 shaves) and have used this with the EJ89 and very very smooth was the result, I have used only 3 blades, derby 7oclock stainless and bic on the same razor and I think Bic is the one to go, but want to check out again the 7oclock because it was definetely sharper but with little irritation, with derby it was smooth and little bit sharper than bic but the shave doesnt last as long as the BIC, which was weird!
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    I have some of these in stock, but will eventually pass them on. For me they are ok blades but not great.

    I have found to many great blades(Feathers, ASPs, Israelis, and 7 O'Clock Yellows) to stick with just ok.

  13. Today was the EJ89's turn.

    EJ DE89L
    VDH Deluxe soap

    The shave was smooth again. I can tell these blades are on the sharper side as they nick you if your form lapses. They are not as bad in this respect as Feathers, but they'll get ya.

    The problem was with the VDH. I practiced last night as I have been having trouble with soaps and it came out pretty well. But, I felt that I was too harsh on the brush, so today when mixing I backed off a little. Well, I could tell right away it did not come out good. Also, about halfway through, the lather literally disappeared from my bowl. I loaded the brush up again and finished by face lathering. The saga continues...
  14. I liked the blade in my E89L as well.

    I put Bics alongside Astra SPs overall, but the Astras didn't perform as well in my EJ as they did in a 40s Superspeed or my Red Tip. An Astra with a Red Tip is a particularly great combo.
  15. I really didn't like these. They seemed too ready to nick for no reason in my DE89, and left me with a bunch of irritation. ATG was impossible. I wanted to like them, but it just didn't work out!
  16. One of my faves. Sharp & smooth in my DE89 & I have over 100.
  17. I like the Bic in the EJ but not so much in my Fatboy. Gillette 7 o'clock and Astra are my preferred.

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