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Discussion in 'The Nib' started by Sullybob, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Sullybob

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    Did you guys see that Bexely has a new piston filler? It looks to be pretty reasonably priced.

    What are your thoughts on the Bexely line overall? I have looked at them in the past but the fact that they were only cart/converters turned me away from them.
  2. I have read nothing but good reviews about these pens.
  3. brianw

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    I had a Bexley owners club 2009... I think the key word was had. In spring of 2010 I traded it to another FP'er for a extended Edison Pearl and he gave me 75.00 as well. The Bexley was well made and hard rubber with a nib specially ground by Binder... It just didn't fit my hand like a Edison does.... and to tell the truth...Brian Grays grinds are excellent....I would hate to have to choose between him and Binder on grinds.
  4. I've got a Bexley 10th anniversary pen that I traded my Pilot C742 with FA (flexy) nib for and I've never been happier. It's a Fine 18K nib and it's wonderful. The pen fits my hand perfectly and I've got it filled as an eyedropper right now so it holds a ton of ink. Can't say enough good things about it. The Edison pens I've handled and played with -my own Herald Grande, regular Herald, Huron, Pearl, old Beaumont, and extended Mina, are also fantastic. I like the bigger pens myself, but the girth of the Pearl also feels REALLY good. The small Herald is too small for me, the Huron is almost just right, and the Beaumont, well it's one of his first pens, so it's cool, but a little short for me as well. The Mina is a great size and shape and feels REALLY good in the hand, even with that tiny section, but the one I'm selling has a CI B nib and well, I just don't like italics AT ALL.

    I've been meaning to photograph all the Edisons together next to a couple of my other pens to put up for size reference.

    The Mina has an urushi finish that's really deep and quite lovely. And next to a Nakaya. It's hard for me to pick between which I like more: the Nakaya or an Edison. Specifically the Pearl. I'd have to pick an Edison myself.
    urushi 002 by snennewton, on Flickr

    The nib on the Nakaya is amazing though. Almost like a toothy wet pencil, if that makes any sense. Just absolutely sexy. The Nakaya has already sold though... :(
    urushi 012 by snennewton, on Flickr

    And then my own Bexley...

    Next to my old 149. Great pen. Great big pen, but just didn't feel right in my hand. Traded it for a Pelikan M1000 and haven't looked back.


  5. I've got a Simplicity I bought from Binder, just their basic model, and it is one of my favorite pens, even with a steel nib. Ultra smooth.
  6. Sullybob

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    I get the feeling you like your Bexely but you like your Edison's much more? Is that a fair assessment? I also like larger pens, along the lines of the TWSBI 530, large Sailor 1911, and the Wality 69L.

    Beautiful pens.

    I like smooth nibs, ultra smooth is even better. I've never gotten a nib from Binder that wasn't really nice.
  7. I'm not wild about the Pelikan Cursive Italic I have from Binder, but I'm thinking I may just not like cursive Italics, rather than anything he did to it.
  8. I personally can't stand italics, stubs, or cursive italics. I like round nibs that can move quickly in any direction without concern for nib angle.

    I do really love my Bexley, but yeah, the Edison gets first pic most times, especially since it's SO custom.

    Check it out:
    my old review...lousy pics...

    check out those engravings! so sweet!!
    002 by watch_art2010, on Flickr

    edison 009 by watch_art2010, on Flickr

    I'll take better pics later...

    But I've only got one Edison, the others in my possession are currently on sale for a friend of mine who refuses to buy a camera. ;)
  9. Sullybob

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    Thanks for sharing the review Shawn.

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