Beware the Parker SR1

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  1. I just got the Parker SR1. It is a total piece of junk. It loudly proclaims on the side "Made in India" and it looks like it. The 'finish' is so cheap it doesn't even exist, the pieces are loose, they jam into each other, causing the razor to have trouble closing -- and the blade is very unsafe to remove because of how difficult it is to open it.

    This guy says it all in his review:

    I saw it before I bought it, and I thought, maybe he just got a bad one -- I had heard good reviews about it, so I took the plunge. Turns out I got a 'bad one' too. Worst $25 I've ever spent. This thing is ugly and disgusting. Don't bother with it.

    :mad1: :mad1: :mad1:
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    I dunno, I liked mine. I will admit the scales aren't the best so I rescaled it[​IMG]
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  3. What do you mean
  4. Even on the comments in the video it sounds like quality is hit or miss, some are ok some are pretty poor. Its a roll of the dice. Like you mentioned, maybe he got a bad one as well as you.

    Kent what is that MOP on the Parker:thumbup1:
  5. Oh I see you put a new handle on it. That would probably make it suck much less. I don't know how to do that.
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    Other than the scales being kinda loosey goosey and light, I loved shaving with the Parker. So I replaced the scales. For 20.00 I am unsure of what kind of quality you are expecting in a shavette. The next step up would be a Feather SS which is much better made, but also costs a hunnert smacks.
  7. Wow, The dude in the video says he paid $70.00........:lol:
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    Nay, its some kind of plastic :smile: I took those scales off later and redid the parker in some blue plexi I think.
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    Ah gotcha. It really isn't so bad. Many of us use them:smile:
  10. My SR2 is fine. So is my friend's SR1. Tons of barbers in India probably use these things every day. Not saying yours isn't bad, but it sounds like it's not the norm.

    So, to the people who have gotten crappily finished Merkurs or Fatips, and have had the stud screws of their Muhle or Edwin Jagger 89's snap off after 3 months, are we supposed to conclude that things made in Germany, England, and Italy also suck?

    Leave the country-bias arrogance at the door, please. :001_rolle
  11. Touche, nice checkmate. ;)
  12. The thing about this is this isn't my only shavette. I have another one from Dannyco, a supplier of barber's products. It is simple, plastic, works well, opens and closes smoothly, the blade changes easily, but I wanted something which looked a little more elegant, which is definitely not what I received. What I am expecting from a shavette is that it at least matches the functionality and ease of my little $5 plastic one.
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    Thank you for keeping thing civil Gents :smile:
  14. A sextoblade is a step up from the Parker, IMHO, and can be found on ebay or your nearest antique store very often for a mostly reasonable price. Hair shaper blades for them have a different feel, but are just as effective.
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    Hmmm. Maybe you did get a lemon? Does it look similar to what I posted?
  16. you mean the refurbished one you posted a pic of? Well, no, it looks more like the one in the video since I haven't replaced any parts. Unless I'm not understanding your question.
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    No, just wondering if yours was defective in some way. Regardless, since you are unhappy with it, maybe a Feather Artist Club razor might tickle your fancy?

  18. ive been using the SR1 since I started and its been fine. yes the clamshell "hollow" handle can cause some issues if the metal has been crushed slightly etc
    but for me its been fine and dandy. I like the lightness of it, the styling of it as well.
    as for the blade getting stuck in the handle; mine does that too, but to be honest it seems like it might be a design feature; mine closes, and then if you gently push a bit tighter it "clips" into the handle leaving it unable to fall open accidently; I don't need a huge amount of pressure to open it and its certainly not a death trap waiting to happen. there are reviews on shaving shack saying people have received it and the blade has been jammed into the handle...I dunno...its seems quality control is the issue rather than design or materials.
    its a shame some people tend to be getting some rough versions of this shavette; and to be faire the reviews you see for it do reflect that.

    like I say, for me its been a great first straight edge and im enjoying it so much i reckon i will invest in more goodies!
    if you are having issues with it then the handle is easy to adjust with a flat headed screwdriver; you can simply lever the sections apart gently to allow for better and easier opening and closing.

    if im honest i was a little disappointed when i got mine...i was expecting the handle to be solid instead of hollow and it to have a little more weight; but this was my first ever straight edge and i didn't truly know what to expect; now ive shaved with it a lot im happy as larry with it!

    to be honest if you look at all the parker shavettes in that price range they all seem to carry the same (or very similar) blade design..its just the handle that differs:
    the issue with all of them seems to be the cheap handle materials.
    ive yet to find a shavette that fits happily into a more medium price range with a better quality handle...if anyone has any ideas about that then i would really appreciate them! the feathers are nice but expensive....the rest of the parker shavettes are essentially the same as the SR1...
    is there a happy half way house?
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  19. "Beware the Parker SR1, my son!
    The scales that stink, the tips that scratch!
    Beware the Vegetal, and shun
    The frumious latest Williams batch!"

    He took his vorpal razor in hand:
    Long time the whiskery foe he sought --
    So rested he at B&B,
    And stood awhile in thought.

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