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  1. I've been setting bevels with my La Grise, granted it takes some time, but I look at it as a way to further improve my honing skills. I've read on many post and have even been told on some of my posts to stick with one stone. I love the edges I get from a natural stone and would like to stick with cotis, but if I get another one this will go against the "stick with one stone" tips I have recieved. :a52:

  2. There are no rules, only guidliines, advice, opinions, and agendas.
    I found that comparing one result on one hone, to the results I got with the same razor on another stone to be invaluable.
    Also, last winter I took some time to stick to one blade and one stone for a while - it did give me a lot of experience that I could not get another way.
    What I think is that if we start out with 5 coticules, it'll take longer to learn them all than it will take to learn just one.
    The decision - is yours, as is the experience you garner from that/those decision/s. How we learn is part of the journey. If we get confused along the way, that's fine - and all we have to do is eliminate some variables to isolate the issue so we can move forward. No big deal there in my eyes. Others will have a differing opinions and aesthetics though.
  3. sticking to 1 stone is good advice, but i did not listen to it. i wanted to be able to hone on any stone i wanted. i currently hone on 3 coti's, 2 thuri's arki's (lots), c12k, llyn m. and norton's i can get great edges off any of them. it is because i love honing. i was a honer a long time before i found straight razors, but honing straights taught me more about really sharp blades than all my other honing ever did. if u want to expand your abilities do not limit yourself AFTER!!! u master your coti. if u have not maxed your stone do not change until u do. then IMO go for it.
  4. Stick with your Grise for now Jim. I know bevel setting can be a pain on it, but after you can max it consistently then you might want to try a new stone.

    I love Coti's, and each coti differs to a degree. The beauty of the stone to me is that 2 exact same stones, same in size and vein, will yield 2 differient edges. They will be the same as what is expected from the respected vein, but each will have it's own signature to the edge. I guess that is what intrigues me so much about them.

    If you want to just stick to the coti and want to set bevel faster, you might look at a less inexpensive bout that is fast on slurry. Reguardless of what you bevel set with, if you run the dilucot on your grise that will be the characteristic the edge will have.

    Sorry for being long winded.

  5. Thanks for the replies.
  6. I thought this said "bevel setting competition" when I first looked at it.
  7. I have set bevels on coti, but why do it consistently. I can have it done in a few minutes with a DMT 1200, then use the coti. By the time the final edge is produced it is a coti edge. I don't think you gain anything by setting the bevel with the coti (aside from the experience as you stated). You do lose time, to me time is worth a lot.
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    Just get a jnat already. You know you want one :smile:.

    Many use a hard jnat to further enhance a coticule edge, so you would be kinda sticking to your game plan.
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    I set bevels on my cotis, but I have decided that I prefer a two stone solution. I could do it all on one, but it is easier if I do the grunt work on a very fast, large coti, and the final finishing on a smaller, very slow one.

    That's just what works best for me.
  10. I am with Doc on this one. Besides putting in time honing is more fun in the finnish for me.
  11. get a second stone, it will cut down on your honing time and leave you more time to spend here at B&B.
    it's a win win
  12. Which coti would you recommend for setting a bevel?
  13. I wouldn't-I have a combination DMT 600/1200. I use the 600 for lapping stones and the 1200 for bevels. Then go and finish your work on a coti-finished on oil of course.
  14. That's a difficult question to answer. It's really a stone-to-stone consideration, not a vein-to-vein thing. It's my opinion that you'll probably find a suitable-for-bevel-setting LPB before you find a Verte to fill that spot. That's only my opinion, and not an absolute fact - naturals vary and Mother Nature has a funny sense of humor sometimes.
    I had an LPB that was lightning fast, and a Dressante that was very similar. To put it into an actual time-unit, I set a bevel on an eBay special that had no chips in the edge but did have two misaligned bevels going on each side in less than 15 minutes. Thing is, even with their speed - they were both slow in comparison to a synthetic. I probably could have done that job in 5 minutes on a 1k C. So, if speed is the only goal, I don't know (highly doubt) that any Coti is going to do the job. If you're ok with a Coticule that's 'faster' than what you have, yet still slower than a synthetic, you will be able to find one, but you'll probably going to have to check a few different stones out. Depending on how fast/slow your LG Coti is, you may or may not see a big speed difference in another stone.
    Note - - I would probably not choose to hone out big chips, or do major corrective work on any Coticule. I can't even imagine how long it would take to set a bevel on a blade that was breadknifed to remove a significant frown or a similar type of thing.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. that was my solution for the most part...
  17. I have picked up some razors that definitely need some TLC, so after reading through numerous posts I believe I'm going to order a DMT 600/1200.

  18. that is a smart move. bevel setting on a coti is not much fun IMO.YMMV tom
  19. It depends on the Coticule...if it's fast enough, you'd be surprised how much fun it can be.
  20. Ordered DMT 600/1200 today, should have it this week.

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