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  1. I currently have an Edwin Jagger De89lbl razor. I've read that they sometimes break at the screw-post that attaches the head to the handle. In the event this happens with mine at some point, what would be a step or two above the Edwin Jagger?

    I like the way it shaves. It's the only DE razor I've owned, so I don't know if it's considered a mild, aggressive or medium razor. I would like something with a similar feel. (I do NOT want a Merkur, by the way.)

    It would be nice to have a stainless one, but would be happy with a plated razor if it's better made.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. its a very mild razor, if it breaks try a merkur. I doubt it will break. I really like mine alot, just wish I could get a closer shave with it
  3. Had mine now over a year w/o problems. Having options is nice thus part of the reason we collect as accidents do happen. A simple Flare tip, SS or even the Schick injector(hydro-magic) are great options.
  4. i would highly suggest a Weber; all stainless steel and a great shaver; a bit more aggressive than the EJ89.
  5. What's your aversion to merkurs?
  6. I've read a good number of reports about the finish flaking. Also reports about the screw post breaking on some of them. I would like something a bit better than this.

    Actually, I probably just won't worry about it. If it breaks, I may just replace with another of the same kind.
  7. Now, those look interesting. That may be what I would replace it with. Thanks for the info.
  8. there's thousands of people here on B&B who love Merkur and NEVER had a problem, I've had 4 of them, most people breaking threads are doing them up toooo tight!

    I sold my EJ89l for a 34hd and it was the best decision I've ever made.
  9. Whatever you do, try a few more razors!
  10. I went from an EJ DE89 to an Above the Tie Titan R1. It's a bit of cash up front, but I don't think that you will be sorry. All my EJ's and Merkurs hit the B/S/T.
  11. i think the post breaking on both of these razors, ej and merkur, are minimal and due to non-normal forces.
  12. Same story here.
  13. Niles

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    I would advise not to give up on Merkurs. I have never had a problem with mine. I think the problems are a very rare occurance.
  14. 1++ But chances are your Edwin Jagger is going to be fine. Get the Weber anyway. It is the next step up SB-wise or you could purchase a Tradere SB. Both are excellent razors, beautifully made and slightly more efficient that the EJ89 but not much. The new Ikon SB is probably a large step up in aggression/efficiency but the Ikon OC or OSS head purchased separately with a Ikon Bulldog II handle or the original is a very nice option. A lot of very nice choices. Don't wait.
  15. My first DE last November was the DE89L, great improvement on Gillette Blue II disposables that I had been using for the last 20 years or so. However, since I bought a Merkur 37C and a Merkur Futur I've been unable to return to the DE89L because it doesn't shave as close as the Merkurs in my opinion. I know of the plating issues and they don't appear to be as well finished as a DE89L, but to me it's all about the end product, the quality of the shave.
  16. I can't imagine the razor breaking, unless somehow I dropped it. If I dropped my razor while shaving, breaking the razor is not the first thing I would be worrying about.
  17. I have a DE87 (ivory handled EJ) that I've had for nearly a year and don't see any reason to "upgrade". Still looks like new and never had an issue with it. Out of the 150+ vintage razors I have it gives one of, if not the best shave out of all of them. If it ain't broke why fix it. On a side note, the only Merkur I have is the 37C which is in my top 10 and although the plating has a few minor defects on the head plate, I've never had any of the plating come off.
  18. add a few shims to your EJ DE89 and it will get a little more aggressive

  19. Interesting info - thanks. By the way, what does "SB" mean in your post?
  20. SB = Safety Bar
    OC = Open Comb

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