website currently down?

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  1. appears to be down for me, am i missing something?
  2. Nope.... There is an error page being served by their web host instead of their content. Could be any number of reasons for this.
  3. Best look again at the reason.

    On this page it is noted that: This site is unclaimed.

    Not good.

    The error page is noted as "securepaynet" so maybe the site has not been paid and hopefully that can be corrected.
  4. :c17:
  5. Hope he's back soon, I need to order blades before long!
  6. I hope they get things straightened out quickly... I just placed an order there the other day!
  7. used to run through E-bay as well as their own site, then they dropped E-bay and just used the site they had until recently (obviously).

    Always a great outlet for Turkish products. I am a regular customer and don't like the prospects of them being gone. As I said and others rejoined, let's hope it is a site payment issue and it will be resolved quickly.
  8. It seemed as if he was closing whenever I logged on there. Everything was out of stock.
  9. Thinking that I typed in the wrong address this morning (, I typed in guess where it took me? Has this been the case for very long? Perhaps something is rotten in Denmark, here.

    Well never mind the conspiracy theories, Gillette registered that name back in 1996.
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  10. Good thing I ordered 400 of my favorite Perma-Sharps from them a few weeks ago!
  11. Seems like they are back online now!...

    But you can't buy anything.... everything is listed with "Contact Us"....
  12. Sargon

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    Hopefully they will have time to finish restoring their site soon.
  13. Sargon

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    I have received an email from Bestshave and they say that they expect to be back up and running in a couple of weeks, which is good news for fans of Turkish shaving gear.
  14. Back but sold out of lots of everything I intended to order. Hope they get resupplied soon.
  15. Me too, baby!
  16. It's been five weeks and counting since my last order and still no package here on the west coast of the U.S. :sad:

    Anybody received anything from them recently?
  17. My order late last year took four weeks to arrive in Australia, so don't get too worried just yet.

    As for receiving something recently, I received an automatic email from them yesterday inviting me to review products I've bought. Maybe that's encouraging.
  18. ...i agree.....don't despair........ the order will get to you....

    ...mine took 2 months to get to me..........
  19. Not uncommon for the road from Turkey to the U.S. through U.S. customs to sometimes be long. I've had similar waits to the east coast.

    I suspect that you'll be receiving them soon.

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