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  1. Ordered $50 worth of stuff from on April 30th. Was split into two boxes. One appears likely to be delivered today, having made its way from Turkey, through New York, to the west coast in 8 days. The other remains sitting in New York. :wacko:
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    You might want to re-check that address. I can't think of anything at worth $50. :wink1: might be different.
  3. It happens sometimes. I like it when it does.
  4. I also placed an order on April 30th with for 1000 Astra SP Blades. It was also split into two shipments. I got the first box today! All the way from Turkey to Colorado in just 8 days. I have no problems using them again although their selection is somewhat limited.
  5. ...i ordered over $50 of items from

    .........first box took over a month.......... the second box mailed after the first one, got to me in 8 days...
  6. There is no way to know what boxes will be held up by customs to be searched. I had a package from sit in New York for two weeks.
  7. I had one that was opened by customs but everything was still there....
  8. The one arrived today. The other remains in customs. Most of my order was in the box that arrived (including 200 Astras). The other box has two horse hair brushes and several Arko sticks. Hopefully they threw in some samples.
  9. I like the shipping updates on the Turkish mail site. My last update was translated into English as "Insert in bag".
  10. I had an empty package arrive just a box torn to pieces.
  11. I hate how the updates just stop in NY and you need to just wait until it's released.
  12. I had the same thing happen with an order. Send him an email with a photo of the box as delivered and I'm sure he will make it right. Packing things well is not his strong suit. :)
  13. placed my order on april 23rd and received yesterday. Picked up at the post office this afternoon. I've never, ever had a problem with stuff ordered at best shave. Mirac will usually throw in a freebie with your order (3 out of 3 so far). On my first order, it was a tube of Gibbs shaving cream. Second order, two packs of Zorriks - he probably wanted me to compare them to the Perma-Sharps I had ordered! lol. This time he threw in a Yuma razor, which is very cool because I wanted to try one, but had actually forgotten to put it in my shopping cart!!!

    Actually come to think of it, the only problem I had with my order was not so much of a big deal. I had a card of 100 astra blues. The packages detached from the card and I had five packs everywhere in the box, so maybe you guys are right about the so, so packaging. But i've never had anything damaged. He probably saves a bit of money here and there to keep offering low prices.

    Will be trying out Arko aftershave creams tomorrow :)
  14. I bought a brush the 5th of may, 10 days later it's still stuck in Turkey. I almost feel like one.:a36:
    The prices are worth it though.:biggrin1:
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  15. I think the shipping updates are random (i.e. one day it's in Turkey, next day it's delivered), but it took mine 2 weeks to LA, CA.

    I had another shipment from Turkey and it seems like this one will also be about 2 weeks exactly too...
  16. Just thought I'd report on my order. Overall, I'm super impressed. The one flaw I would note is that he taped a single blade (in it's paper) to the inside of the box as a sample. While I appreciate the thought it doesn't seem that safe to me and, since the paper was covered with packing tape, I tossed it anyway.

    Metal Shaving Cup - At first I thought it would be small since I was comparing it to an apothecary mug that I use. It's probably the perfect size for travel and a good alternative if you like palm lathering but think it's too messy. It is flimsy, I accidentally made a finger-sized dent and had to push it back in place. For $2.75 I thought it was a good price... then I was at Shop-Rite and saw a 9cm enamel-coated aluminum mug from IMUSA for $2.50.'s is a better size but IMUSA's is better quality.

    Wood Handled Shaving Brush No. 6 - I used this in combination with the cup and a Van Der Hagen soap, although I didn't actually use it on my face since I shaved this morning. Once it got wet it had a noticeable horse smell but not even close to what I expected. After I built lather I didn't smell it. The horsehair bristles are between badger and boar. It's very stiff and not a very dense knot, but it still lathered very well. I'm not sure how well it'll work with a cream but it was amazing for the price with a soap. I now want to buy a Vie Long to try a higher quality horsehair brush but I can't feel bad about only spending a few bucks on this. The brush and cup together make a good, dirt cheap travel set.

    Free samples
    He included a Perma-Sharp blade which, as listed above, was tossed in my blade bank. He also included a sample of what appears to be moisturizing cream by Bebak, which I have not tried. does a good job, so long as you have realistic expectations.
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  17. ............Mirac is an upstanding guy.......

    ........never had a problem with ordering from him.......

    ........... delivery time might be long, but it is coming from Turkey.........

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