Best way to transport a DE blade currently in use?

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  1. I'm not a newbie, but since this is a newbie type question, I figure this is the best place to ask it. Also, I'm sure this has been asked before, but it's late, I'm tired, and I have a lot to do before I leave on a road trip Friday, so I'm being lazy and asking it again, rather than trying to search for an answer. It's been ages since I've traveled with a DE, but I'm planning to this weekend. Any tips on how to store the blade for travel, so that it won't dull or get damaged in transit? I'm taking a 38C, and have a Merkur leather pouch for it. Should I just leave the blade in the razor, or take it out? If I take it out, what do I do with it? FYI, I'm using Gillette Swedes, so I don't have any leftover wax paper "envelopes" to put them in. Also, I'm driving, so airport security is of no concern, just the condition of the blade itself. Thanks in advance.
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    I would leave the blade in the razor and make sure that your razor is secure in a pouch or tin.
  3. You could wrap tinfoil around it baking paper (or ordinary office paper). Fix it with a small patch of duct tape. I'd take the softest paper you have available and then wrap another layer around it so it can't rub itself out.
  4. I would make a little envelop for it, ala the wax paper one then stick it in my q-tip container. That is what I did (except for the envelop thing, I kept the original) and even with only a couple of q-tips in the plastic blue holder, it kept the blade from bouncing around.
  5. Treat yourself. Transport the razor in your toiletry bag without a blade and install a nice fresh one when you reach your destination. Go on... push the boat out once in a while! :001_tongu
  6. Hold the razor in one hand, the blade in the other and steer with your knees?
  7. +1 I just bring a fresh pack of blades with me and transport the razor sans blade.
  8. Go ahead and leave the blade in. That leather pouch is plenty of protection.
  9. :lol::lol::lol:
  10. I thought about that, but I'll probably only shave once or twice on the trip, and these blades aren't being made any more, so I'm trying to stretch them as far as I can. I suppose I could just throw in another brand. Thanks for the input, everybody.

    Speaking of other brands, anybody got a recommendation for replacing the Swedes once I'm out? I've heard good things of these Super Iridiums, or whatever they're called. Also, does anything know about Gillette Super Silvers, which Classic Shaving sells?
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  12. I travel without a blade in it, and use a blade pack that has a blade bank built in.
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    I travel constantly, mostly by car but also frequently by air.

    Either way I put the razor in the zippered pocket of my shave kit with the blade in it.
    I have never had an issue the next morning with a shave.

    I have to note that the pocket is plastic lined where the razor sits, so there is some stiffness to the sides where any "rubbing" might occur.

    YMMV if you have a soft pliable fabric pocket, but as your using a travel holster, I would bet that your blade is better protected than mine is.

    Happy Independence Day to all.

    God Bless Our Troops.

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