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  1. Hey all,
    After learning to wet shave with a safety razor, I think I am about ready to learn how to use a straight razor. What is a good straight razor for a beginner? I would like to keep the cost down as much as possible since I will also be purchasing a honer/stropper.
  2. Okie nailed it.
  3. Larry at Whipped Dog will fix you up with a good, solid razor and a strop kit to keep it in good shape for very reasonable money! It will come shave-ready, and you can be on your way with no problems.

    Most razors that you can buy, either new or vintage, will need to be honed before use. Whipped Dog razors will be honed and ready right out of the box!

    Good luck with your straight adventure . . . it is a blast!!
  4. +1 for the dog. You will be hard pressed to find as good a deal elsewhere. For what some guys charge to hone your razor, Larry hones one of his, and gives it to you.

    As for the particular brand or style, since you don't have any preference yet, it doesn't matter all that much. Just get one and learn to shave with it for now. Larry's razors are mostly sold sight unseen so it's like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. But what you do get will shave, and that's a fact. It might not be pretty but it will be sharp, and that's what you need.

    While you are at it, get the Poor Man's Strop Kit, and have a look at his budget badgers. His brushes are hard to beat too, for a newbie on a budget.

    Now... if you want to go with a new razor, much the same applies. You don't know what you like to shave with yet, since you haven't shaved with a straight yet. But if I were pressed to recommend a new razor for a beginner, I would say have a look at the plain-vanilla version of the Bismarck at Remember, it does you no good to have a razor that is not shave-ready, so if you buy a new razor, be sure to have the vendor hone it. If he doesn't hone, I have to question his fitness for selling razors in the first place. Many here will recommend a Dovo Best, but I have to disagree after bad experiences with 2 out of 2 Bests. There are certain reputable vendors who you can trust to fix any issues with a Best and hone it up nicely, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt, but I will never buy another Best. Dovo's better razors are usually safe bets.
  5. I'm a total newbie and joined this site to learn some info before I buy something. I'd love to get a straight razor later, but I want to start with a safety razor and get plenty of practice first. Would you guys recommend this website for the safety razor kit? The things I've been looking at online are way more expensive.
  6. The DE kit is perfectly OK. The razor isn't fancy, but it will shave your face. Get the blade-sampler with it.

    . . . charles
  7. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Any vintage blade professionally honed will be OK.
  8. I wouldn't use a DE as a gateway drug to straight shaving. You will be learning two skill sets instead of one. You will be re-learning how to just hold the razor. Go for straights, or go for DE. Remember, before the DE was invented, your first shave would have been with a straight. There is no reason why you can't learn with one. In fact I think it is easier. You have more control over the shave angle with a straight and you can actually see the edge as you shave. Nothing wrong with being a DE shaver. But don't waste time and money and blood on it if it is just to be a stepping stone. Go for the one you want, right off the bat.

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