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  1. i recognize this is very subjective and variable from face to face, but i wanted to hear from veterans what your top ranked cream is. I mainly use NB and proraso and wanted to see what the highest end creams are for me to expand into. thanks.
  2. I have started expanding January of this year. I have owned CF Lime, Pen BB, TOBS Avocado, Trumper Coconut, RR XXX. Out of all of those, I choose RR XXX.
  3. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with any of the three Ts, DRH, AOS, or eShave. They're all fantastic... you just have to find the scents you like. I include your aforementioned NB in that mix as well.
  4. I'm only listing Nancy Boy Signature because it's the most recent cream I used and really enjoyed. But DR Harris has excellent creams as well as a few others.
  5. GFT Coconut, Nancy Boy, Castle Forbes, AOS are all excellent smelling and performing soaps and if you look around and luck in, can be had for very good prices.
  6. Castle Forbes Lavender/Lime, AdP Collezione Barbiere and Trumper's Coconut
  7. I switched from creams to mostly soaps, but Taylor Rose is the one cream still in my rotation. Salter also makes a great performing cream, but I tend to get tired of their scents.
  8. Purely based on performance I would say that Palmolive is my go to. In the fragrance departement however I prefer all of the above mentioned ;)
  9. Top Three Creams (order varies by mood)

    * Geo F Trumpers (favs: Violet & Coconut)

    * Truffit & Hill (favs: Rose, 1805, Grafton)

    * NancyBoy Signature
  10. Castle Forbes
  11. Speick
  12. Some of the best cream I have tried has to be from QCS http://www.queencharlottesoaps.com What makes these creams so great is they are made with tallow which is kinda unusual when it comes to creams. Here are a few pics. $Shave Cream 173.jpg $Shave Cream 174.jpg
  13. I'm a Sandalwood fan and love Trumper's or Art of Shaving. I'm sure the others they make are as good as Sandalwood is.
  14. I have four T.O.B.S. flavors and I really like them all. Lime, Mr. Taylors, Avacodo and Sandalwood.
  15. Honestly it depends on the season. But the best 3 all around (keep in mind i am a broke college student) are:
    TOBS St. James
  16. There is no best cream. There is just different. Above a certain minimum quality and performance level most of us go for the different fragrances and other qualities. I have at least 7 different brands, most already mentioned, in my rotation. May I add that Muhle's sandalwood is my favorite fragrance and an excellent shave. Try them all I say....
  17. Lots of good candidates out there, but the best for me, scent and performance-wise, is CF Lime.
  18. AOS Lavender #1 and Castle Forbes Lavender #2 for me.
  19. Admittedly I am sort of cheap but I really like Arko creams. I know Best Shave has them, there are a couple of other vendors that carry Arko products as well.
  20. AOS Sandalwood :)

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